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Christmas card all 2012

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Christmas card to Jigidi friends
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Yes, I'm enjoying Christmas here.... Merry Christmas to you Anne.... See you when you get back.... :) :)


Hi Anther, that would be Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.

Hey Anne :) Thanks for your card to us all and a Very Merry Christmas to you!


Thanks Sachi, glad you enjoyed it.
Thanks to you too Pat - I'll try to find words for an Australian Christmas carol you might like. When I was younger my mother's family gathered at her father's for one meal at Christmas then we headed to the beach for a swim - the beach nearby was a surf beach and very welcome when we didn't have access to a pool in those days.


Merry Christmas to you, too, Anne! I've always wondered what it feels like to celebrate a holiday that has become so associated with winter images (of snow, frosty windowpanes, a dressed-for-the-North-Pole Santa Claus, fireplaces with Yule logs burning, and sleigh-bells ringing) in a land where it's actually summer... :-))) I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and an especially great New Year!


Hi, Anne. Always thank you for your messages. Enjoyed this one. Have a nice warm Christmas. Here in Japan we'll have a nice cold ( possibly snowy) Christmas. Christmas is Christmas.


Thanks everyone - I really appreciate you spending the time to drop in and say hello. I'm way behind but couldn't forget the friends I've made and will make while doing something so enjoyable.
Tweegan2, I've done some of your puzzles I think otherwise they're bookmarked. Our Christmas will be warm, hot even, - often looking for a cool spot. Would love to see snow for Christmas, even if just once.
lindananderson, don't think I've seen you around yet but so glad you enjoyed your time here. Which country is home for you?
Sally - hope you enjoy your Christmas here - is this the first? I'm in Qld for 3 weeks over Christmas and New Year, house sitting like last year but have a friend with me this time. The family all have other commitments and daughter and family will join father at home. Say hi and Merry Christmas to Chrissie please.
Sissel - last but not least, thank you for your greetings and kind words.


Merry Christmas to you Anther and all others down under :-)
Beautiful card :-)


Merry Christmas to you, dear Anne... Happy as Larry to be celebrating Christmas in this beautiful country.... {{{Hugs}}} :) :)


Best wishes anther, loved my time downunder. Have a fabulous 2013!1


Anther - hope your Christmas is warm down there. We're expecting snow Christmas morning.

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