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Egon Schiele was a very prolific artist in the early 1900s. I was introduced to him by another post from libi at
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  1. Ausrottung5:21
  2. Bill_I_Am7:03
  3. chems7:49
  4. ekdugger8:24
  5. fillia8:27
  6. DivaAnn9:01
  7. susowil9:26
  8. tnjflint9:45
  9. sykorka5410:03
  10. eleanor_de10:36


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And to think this was done waaayyyyy before the invention of drones or aerial photography!

Hey Gayle. Hadn't thought about the perspective he was using. Thanks for pointing it out.


Bird's-eye view of a quaint village. Thanks, Tim.


I saw the one you linked above. Very interesting!

Thanks for trying this set Bill. I just realized that I didn't post one of the half sketch - half painting ones that he does. That's what I like most. I'll have to dig out a couple more.


It's sure a different kind of landscape. Thanks, Tim.

So I'm not alone in liking these. Thanks Ann


Another favorite artist! I love his work!

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