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The garden moment we have been awaiting!!!

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This is it. 5 tulips in the middle of May. LOL
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Beautiful photo and tulips ☺ Thanks Suzy, have a nice Sunday.


Gorgeous stunning colors!


White Stoneface and red tulips, spring has arrived with color...


Great photo thank you Suzy, love the red, and your happy Pan is a bonus☺♥


Five little gems Suzy thank you! I love Stoneface!


Better late than never I'd say. Look, I waited 3.5 years for my Amaryllis to bloom again but your wait is a merely a week or two....LOL Red tulips are the best, Suzy :)


Fabulous puzzle thanks Suzy and I see that your garden ornament is happy too. Your tulips are beautiful. Hugs. ♥


Your tulips are just so beautiful Suzy and definitely better late than never. Please remind Pan - hands away from all openings on the face ;-)


Been a bit of a wait, Faye. :) He's just making faces--and putting his fingers in his mouth.....not acceptable now!!

It's nice to be able to prolong spring for you Deanna. :) As yours, ours should have been long gone by now. The spring has been a strange one. Wishing you well, my friend. ♥

Awww....thank you sparkie!!! Hope your day has been a good one. ♥♥♥


STUNNING - they are beautiful xx and what a wonderful puzzle ♥♥♥


Suzy, I'm enjoying your beautiful red tulips that have a good watcher. My tulips are a thing of the past and I have to wait another year, I extended their season thanks to your beautiful photo, thank you ♥:))


FINALLY!!! YAAAAAY!!! So pretty! ❤️

P.S. It looks like ol' Stoneface has to use his fingers to force a smile...or is he just doing a "thumbs up"?


Seems to me that there were many more just a few years ago, Marina. We are not usually here when the tulips bloom...thinking some critters have been dining on them. LOL

Pan is happy the sun is out and it's not snowing, Don!!!! :)))

Thank you, Shirley. Time to plant more bulbs!

YAAAHHHH, Partner!!!!

A wee little dance, Lorna....while I was saying some bad words to the bulb eating critters.

The red is a winner, Lunie. Glad you like the color.

Thank you, Fishes!

Just made it before official summer, smllpkg. The lilacs are actually starting to bloom as well. A bit (HA) late, but I shall not complain. :)

The "guy in the back" should be GUARDING them, Jacki.....but I think he needs a few refresher lessons on how to scare critters.

Thank you Francine and Ed!

A slight jig only, Ardy. ♥♥

◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ Beekay. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful day!!!

Thank you, Patti. :)

Following the seasons on jigidi is a real treat, Marilyn. When spring arrives "south", we northerners have hope that it will arrive here--in the form of weather, flowers, birds and play time. :)

Hi, Becca! Nice to see you! Enjoy your day. :)

Ah, Chickie!!! What a treat to see you!!! Looks like a fine day in NM....and a great night to have the windows open!!! ♥♥


Hello there girlfriend! Love your red tulips! And the happy laughing head says it all!


Heehee! Yes! Beautiful!


This is what is great about jigidi. We get to follow spring north. Remembering the half of our sphere of life we get to follow fall south. Very pretty red tulips and I like the face also.


Gorgeous! A wonderful color!


A day to CELEBRATE! Even the garden ornaments are happy ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦


WOW. Beautiful, Suzy. Be careful with that happy dance though. ♥


Beautiful, Suzy. :))




Beautiful red tulips, Suzy, thanks! Hey, there, you in the back, No Eating the Tulips!


Just in time. They made it before summer arrives.


Great shot!


Wow! That color is what i like most Suzy!


Nice one (or should I say 5) Suzy! Did you perform a happy dance to celebrate? ☺




Congratulations, Suzy, five beautiful red Tulips, and the guy with the white face is very pleased with them too ☺


Pan seems to be happy about it!


This is wonderful. I love your tulips.

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