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You know you're in the country when...

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It's fun to study the caricature of a cow on this sign; these depictions need to be instantly recognizable by a maximum number of people, at a glance. Somebody did a very nice job here; it's not just a cow - it's a dairy cow, artistically profiled, right down to the stylized horns and the whimsical crick in the tail to match the outline of the rear hocks.
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  1. like921150:10
  2. mamere0:10
  3. dalelawler0:11
  4. marunka2770:12
  5. Robbos0:14
  6. Ianto0:14
  7. coventrycv50:15
  8. pkin380:15
  9. jjj540:16
  10. wjl10150:16


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They have to cross the street.


Love it ....


. . . Glad you explained that; I might have mistaken them for the front hocks. Tsk. . .


Yep, it is a perfect silhouette.

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