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Avie Dec. 2020, my very young 72-yr-old sister

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  1. hoepeter41:40
  2. margitsz43:46
  3. Thybit51:23
  4. deepak51:36
  5. sunlitranch55:07
  6. fien57:11
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Thanks for the fish oil tip. I'll try it cause my knees are very painful. Hope such an easy solution works for me too. Thanks again.


patience1992: Are you unable to do all that fun physical stuff because of arthritis? Avie and I both have osteoarthritis. Twenty years ago I had constant joint pain. By the end of each work day my knees were so swollen they looked like a baby's butt (and I have knobby knees!) I found a great doctor who put me on daily doses of fish oil. It was a miracle pain reliever for arthritis. Within a few days I had very little swelling and walked normally without pain! As my arthritis worsened with age, I just increased my fish oil intake. The key is to take ENOUGH and do it CONTINUOUSLY. Nature's Bounty is a great brand. I've been taking three 1400 mg gel caps a day (morning, noon, and night) for several years now. Prior to the deterioration of my hip, I was doing yoga twice a week, walking 2 miles a day over rugged terrain and swimming in the summers. After my total hip replacement surgery my goal was to get back into playing tennis. Just when I felt ready, the pandemic hit. This too shall pass ... and I'll be hitting that ball again ... I'm 71. :)

You've got to be kidding! I am also nearly 70, but I feel like 105! I don't care about how pretty I am, anymore, but I miss swimming, horseback riding, being able to run! I hadn't thought about riding a merry-go-round, and if this current insane virus is ever conquered, I might look into it! Thank you!


DizzyDame (cute name!) & 4Sunshine: thank you for your positive comments. Avie (Aggie) and I (Maggie) grew up being so opposite in every way. She skipped over being a child, always being the bossy 'adult.' I ignored her and did what I wanted to do; created quite an emotional distance between us over the years. With time and a bit of wisdom our angels have blessed us with great friendship. :)

P.S. ... I was 70 (with a total hip replacement) when we pulled ourselves up on those merry-go-round horses. With Avie's help I successfully straddled my horse which had stopped high and she easily side-saddled hers which was stopped low. We were both patting ourselves on the back. However, getting off was much more challenging ... my horse had stopped high enough that I had to jump down and Avie's horse stopped so high she was STUCK! Even though I said I'd catch her, she said, "Are you crazy?! We'll BOTH be dead!" As we were arguing about it, a middle-aged man silently swooped in and lifted her off her horse, setting her gently down on the ground. He then waved over his head as he quickly walked away with his little family. We barely had time to yell out a 'Thank You!'


Your sister is beautiful. I have one like that. She's 70 but doesn't look or act a day over 50. May they both continue to be strong and healthy for many many years.

Age is just a number. Avie is obviously young at heart! Diz

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