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We looked for months for the house that resonated to our souls in our new community. As I walked up the driveway for this home, I caught tempting glimpses of color behind this lovely gate, my heart began a slight trill of excitement. I opened the gate, peeked in, turned to the realtor, and said start writing up the offer. Welcome to my new home. The rest of the house is still a work in progress as I've spent most of my energies on making this small space my own little desert oasis.
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My favorite place to sit when it cools off at night.


I agree with you this looks lovely.


I would love that too☺♥


Would love to see you walk thru the gate one day, my friend.


So many wonderful details Toto! I LOVE your patio. Excellent job on the garden space too. It looks so comfortable and inviting. Congratulations on your new home♥


Thank you, Judino. We've been looking for a retirement home for several years now and it's so nice to be finally settled in. Well, me, my husband and several hundred boxes anyway.

Raaike, the entrance is quite deceiving as to the size of the house. The home sits on a small curve so the property expands as it goes to the back of the house. It's all one story (no stairs), which you'll appreciate. I'll post more photos as I get the rooms put together.

I love the gate as well, Lorna. Since the gate screens the courtyard from being easily seen from outside the home, it lends a real sense of privacy to the area.

Thanks, smllpkg. I started out with a lot of gusto but have slowed down considerably as the house has become more liveable. The first room to get set up was my husband's office. He still works (albeit from home) and needed a comfortable, quiet and efficient office. Next the courtyard and kitchen. Am at the point now where I need to starting hanging the art which will require lot of thought.


It's lovely, Toto. Have fun making the rest of the house just as welcoming.


You have made a lovely, welcoming oasis Toto and I love the gate too!


What a beautiful entrance to your new home.
I am curious about the rest of the house.
I hope you will be very happy there. :-))) ♥

It's beautiful, Toto! We downsized about a year ago after 32 years in one place and have been so happy! I wish you the same in your beautiful bit of paradise! Just look at that sky, too! Judy in California

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