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Comma or not, that is the question :-)

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Thanks so much Bubble :-))))


Not much Sissel !!


Yes PCVS. That would work :-))))

Exclamation point, I think.


LOL Dave. I know but I don't fall for such :-))))


Be careful Sis, some of those pools attract sharks dressed as good looking men!


Thank you Janet, Howard, Dave, Landshark, Juba, Ianto, PW, Neville, Anne and Acousin :-))))

With or without commas, I will not swim there :-))))
I will go to Bornholm in the weekend. No crocks and a swimmingpool


I don't trust them though and would stay out of the water. Thanks for a wry smile Sissel, with hugs. 😍❤️


… they creep up behind the tourists while they’re preoccupied reading this sign.


If crocs don't swim there, I'm diving right in!

You go to the store and buy a couple raw chickens, throw into the water, if there is activity- do not go swimming..if they sink it may be safe and then we know crocodiles can read ;-)


Oh good! I brought my swimsuit.

Can alligators read the sign, PW?


Most crocodiles cannot read, Sissel.

There is some one that thinks that it does not mean them.


As clear as mud!! :-))) ♥♥♥

Can't see them!

The crocodiles don’t swim there, they are too busy eating! I’m not going.


:-))) Have a nice day - today we can have a summerday. The temps up to 24 and then down again tomorrow

Good idea :)


I will go home to my bathtub Alias :-))))

I hope my eyesight is not too bad when being there. I would not go too close to the shore either. :)

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