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Pink Rose (Jun17P04)

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Pink roses reminds us of gentle emotions accompanied by sweet thoughts.

The palest pink roses are a symbol of gentleness, joy and grace.

May you all be surrounded by these qualities.

All credits go to the photographer who took this photo.

4th of a set of Light Pink Roses Puzzles posted today. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason.

Puzzle 116
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You are welcome, Marina :-)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this pink rose

Best regards, Jason.


A beautiful rose, symbol of baby girls, love, sweet emotions. Thanks Jason.


You are welcome, Niccolino.

Thank you for your New Year blessings.

May you have a wonderful 2019 which will be blessed by the Lord abundantly :-)


A Very Happy New Year to You & Yours, Jason. Thank you for the great puzzles in the small formats. May you & yours be blessed with joy, peace, contentment & good health throughout 2019.


Thank you, dear Irena.


Very pretty pink rose Jason :-))


You are welcome Jason!


Hi Jaynine, thank you for visiting and for taking the time to write a comment.

You have, indeed, chosen a Pink Rose with a delicate shade of pink. So soft and gentle.


Thank you Maureen for letting me know which of the Pink Roses you like best. This one has a lovely shade of soft pink.


You are right, Bev. And they are available in so many colours.


This is my favorite of the four. It's lovely!


Jason the Pink Rose is my 1st Favorite. Thanks for posting.

No matter how you cut it or arrange it is a beauty. Thank you Jason.


OK, Lin.


I'll tell you about it elsewhere, my friend. ; )))


Thank you Lin for taking the time to visit and to write a comment.

I hope that you and Kristi have enjoyed your morning outing.


I'm not really big on pink...but THIS is total loveliness, Jason. My favorite stage of roses....


Hello Donna, it is wonderful to see you, too.

You are very welcome to all my puzzles.

Thank you for taking the time to write a lovely comment :) It is much appreciated.


Thank you Lunie. Good to see you again :)


Hi Cappy. Thank you for dropping by and admiring this rose :)


Good morning, Jason. A perfectly-shaped Rose. It is very BEAUTIFUL. Roses are my favorite flower and I love all the colors and this pink one is amazing. Thank you for posting this. Good to see you today.


Perfect choice!

beautiful rose.

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