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Hello from Mr. Riley

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I got to visit my family today, and Mr. Riley was relaxing in one of his baskets on the desk. He woke up long enough to say hello to me, and to wish his Jigidi friends a wonderful Fall!
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Thanks so much, Beyondwords! They live some distance from me, so I don't see them as much as I would like. However, hopefully I can post new photos of Mr. Riley soon!!

I went back through earlier puzzles of Riley and then Mr. Riley to discover that he is now with your daughter and granddaughter. I'm so glad you still occasionally post puzzles of him. Of all the ones I looked through, this one is my favourite. Hope to see him again soon.


Thanks for your comment, Londalynn! ☺


Who could ever resist those eyes!


Thank you for solving, Beyondwords, and for your kind words about Mr. Riley!!

I love seeing Mr. Riley. We, too, have a sleek black cat, but not one as active as Mr. Riley. I haven't done many of Mr. Riley's puzzles because most are so small. I'm glad to discover this one, which is smaller than my usual limit (35), but irresistible.


Why thank you, LJ!


What a handsome fellow!


Isn't it funny how our kitties like to lay in containers that look too small?


Thanks, Morris! ☺☺


Looking good, Mr. Riley!!


Hi Hi Mr. Riley - I am so glad to see you again!!! Between us - you look adorable!! And since it's clearly seen that your humans are well behaved, than well done you clever kittie:-)))
p.s. Thanks GG...lovely picture♥


Thank you, Returner! We think Riley is very special too! ☺☺

You are very welcome, Impie!!

Thank you, Calluna! ☺☺


Thank you, Mr. Riley! Hope you have a lovely one, too! You're looking very handsome with your beautiful eyes and sleek shiny fur. Always a pleasure to see you. ♥ :-)




Oh, Riley, you are such a special cat!


Thank you so much for all of your kind comments, and for solving!

Yes, I do believe he knows how special he is, Morepiecesplz! Thanks for commenting!

Why, the same to you, Racoonstar! ☺

Thank you, Northcousin! So kind of you! ☺☺

Thank you, Londalynn! It's lovely to hear from you again as well!

Hello, Kossamu! Thank you for your complements, and I will try to post more of Mr. Riley again soon! You are very welcome!

Why thank you, Tisketsmum! he is certainly well and happy, and LOVED as much as any kitty has ever been loved!! He has 4 people who love and care for him in the house, so he doesn't want for anything! You are welcome!

Hi Impie, Thank you for you kind comments! I will certainly give him a head rub when next I see Mr. Riley! You are very welcome, and thanks for solving! ☺☺


Hi Mr. Riley, good to see you again. You look so handsome with that beautiful shiny coat of yours! I also see that you've practised and perfected the 'disappearing ear trick'! Well done!☺♥☺
I wish I could give you a little head rub, so I'll ask your lovely grandma to do it for please, GG, would you give him a head rub for me when you visit your family again, thank you... and thanks for posting the sweet boy again! ♥♥


Oh Mr Riley you will melt the hearts of the kitty girls out there, you are such a handsome boy. After the rough start in life you had it's wonderful to see you looking well and happy. GG your family obviously take very good care of Mr Riley as he looks very relaxed and loved. Thanks for posting.


Hi there Mr. Handsome❣️ Riley’s coat is beautiful and looking very healthy ❣️ Nice to see you again and please drop by soon again❣️ Thanks Gospelgrandma❤️❤️


How lovely to see you again!


Mr.`re beautiful


Happy Fall, Mr. Riley!


Thanks for the update. I saw your name on another puzzle, maybe last week, and thought of Mr. Riley. Looks like he knows he's special...

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