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And they shall shine brightly through the ages.
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  1. CarlaMarie16:24
  2. pholmes17:10
  3. molly17:36
  4. emt140917:44
  5. josabl225:07
  6. bbandit29:48
  7. vachatterus31:30
  8. alon201433:29
  9. vitasha46:02
  10. amartini4U59:52


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Thank you.


Happy Hanukkah bbandit !!

can the miracle of the oil lasting eight days until new oil could be prepared have a correlation to a child is born yet it is upon the eighth day that it is named and fully brought into community? I see this, I see this with Yeshua, Light of the World, Emmanuel, God With Us, born and existing, here, and in preparation, in 8 days embraced. It is no mere coincident that Hannukah and Christmas occur at same time of year, Salvation comes from the Jews! Jesus is the reason for the season!

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