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St Mary's Priory Church, Abergavenny

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St Mary's Priory Church is one of the largest and finest parish churches in Wales. It is the parish church for the town and community of Abergavenny.

St Mary’s was founded in 1087 as a Benedictine Priory alongside the frontier castle in the reign of William II. Both the Priory and the Castle were focal points in the turbulent times of the Welsh Wars which followed the Norman incursion into Wales, particularly into the areas known as the ‘Welsh March’, close to the old borders with England. By the time of the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the Priory had only the Prior and four monks. Due to the close connections between the Lords of Abergavenny and the Tudor dynasty the priory was spared and became the town’s parish church.

Like many other churches, St Mary’s was the subject of refurbishment during the Victorian era in the 19th century and there is, sadly, little trace of the original Norman architecture surviving today.
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A beautiful church.


Hi Denise, yes it is a pity, we all lose a lot of history with progress, although this was one of those situations and had there not been a 'friendship' between the Lords of Abergavenny and the and the Tudor people this would not have survived either.

As an after thought, my son has the name Tudor, he is named Jason Tudor-Morgan and our surname. Hugs back to you as well Denise.


Pity about the Church but this is still nice Phyllis.
Thanks for the info


Oh my, 1846, a long time ago, Nev. Well I'm biased with the daffodil of course, though the bluebell is my favourite. Perhaps there were daffs around when something really nice happened to you? Marge from London, well her family, my goodness what a strong lot of people the Londoners were during the war, backs to the wall and there was no way they would give in... to anything or anyone.

When I was working in a rest home, here in NZ, we had a man from London, his night job was to do lookout for planes coming across the channel, he was one of the men on the search light, and therefore a target. He would tell me about the Londoners.


Thanks Nev, I expect they would too. Please say hi to Marge for me Nev:-)

Hi Janet, they called it progress I guess! We as people miss out a lot on our nations history, regardless of which nation we call ours, because of discontent, greed, and dare I say it just the passage of time.

Do you know where your ancestors came from Janet? or you too Nev, chances are they were from one of the four nations comprising the British Isles, so this history could be yours too! now there's a thought:-)


What a shame they changed it Phyllis, but it's still very beautiful. Great info too, thanks, and hugs Janet


Wouldn't that be something Luni:-)


As though the walls are made of gold Phyllis!

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