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Janus wants my complete attention.....

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Here I was just trying to write some recipes down from the internet and up comes Janus. Note she is holding my pencil. Everytime I picked it up to write, she grabbed it. She won! But she is soooo cute.
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@Plumpossum Couldn't help but laugh when I read you comment "maybe you can get a local teenager to help -- most of them are far more computer savvy" as many times T get so amused when my 15 year old granddaughter tries to show me how to do something either on my I-phone or my laptop. She's so damn smart, I'll "never" catch up. The pen and paper was soooo nice, simple and easy. Life is going at a fasther pace and I worry that they (the newer generation) don't seem to ever want to stop and 'stop and smell the roses'.

How come cats get away with more than people and usually get their way?

Thanks for the fun puzzle.
Richard :-)

Janus is beautiful! Can we see her again sometime soon? The rest of your fur family too?


Looks just like my (late) Millie Cat!


PS: My Miss Pearl, a long-haired white cat, also loves to occupy my computer desk!


Most internet recipes I've seen have an option for printing the recipe. So Janus can have her pencil, and you can have the recipe! If you press the "Print Scr" button on your keyboard, then open the "Paint" program and press "Ctrl V", you can print or edit the recipe and save it to your computer.
If you have trouble doing this, maybe you can get a local teenager to help -- most of them are far more computer savvy than I am!

We let them get away with soooo much.

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