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  1. evorkosigan32:13
  2. puzzlegeck39:02
  3. Greif41:15
  4. Rebec44:53
  5. JYTTEPOULSEN4347:04
  6. ahoney47:21
  8. Tinergetic54:08
  9. sueannedavis56:12
  10. sharron31658:59


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Great! I will look forward to seeing them. I learned something I didn't know. I had no idea Henry VIII's brother was the above in the portrait.

Hi! Prince Arthur was the elder brother of Henry VIII. He was the first husband of Catherine of Aragón. When Arthur died, Henry married Catherine. So, he was the uncle of Elisabeth I and Edward.
I'll post some pictures of the family. ;o))


Hi! Yes I think there is some confusion here, I don't know who Arthur of Wales is but he is not the half brother of Elizabeth the I, that was Edward who died when he was a teenager. This portrait was done in the year 1500, Elizabeth came later around mid-century.

Thaks for your comment. I´m glad you enjoy this puzzle. Sorry but, thogh I'm not an expert on english history, I think you are wrong. Perhaps you are refering to Edward, half-brother of Elisabeth I. I´ll post some pictures about this. ;o))))


Interesting puzzle, thank you. Red haired, like his half-sister Elizabeth.

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