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This is our favorite gift shop in Skagway. It is owned by a wonderful local artist who sells her own artwork as well as many beautiful handcrafted items from other local artists. The shop is beautifully decorated with beautifully made items from artwork paper, wooden carvings, metal work and many other mediums.
The artwork on this business card is done by the owner. Every time we are in Skagway, we make it a point to visit this establishment and purchase at least one item...Bernadette
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It's the kind of shop to spend a lot of time looking around. Very eclectic and unique handcrafted items. @jandchris

Sounds a really interesting shop.


You are most welcome!



Thanks for the info. We always try to buy local when we are up there, but it is getting harder and harder to find the local made items. On our next trip we will definitely stop in to this store. Thanks again.

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