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Ox Head Beer - Lilek #626

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45 pieces
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Hey! After I left you this note, I played a couple days of puzzles and got to thinking about what I do to try and get to the top of the leaderboard. While I generically stand my first tongue in cheek reply, I had a couple other observations.

1) Play puzzles you like = play puzzles you're good at. Be picky. Don't just play anything. Figure out which type of puzzles you are good at and start tracking folks that post that type. For me, it tends to be "graphics" type stuff...old advertisements. Also, I kinda stick to the 150 max range and maybe down to 70 or so pieces. Once you get into the 9 piece puzzles, it gets very competitive. Anyway, that works for me. maybe you're an animal puzzle person. or landscapes. or the pattern puzzles. Figure that out, and you'll find yourself creeping up the leader board more often.

2) Study the puzzle before you move the first piece. Figure out what you're going to go for first. Second. Third. Edge pieces? One big colorful object? anyway, study it and make a plan. Then, execute the plan. Don't just wander through the puzzle seeing what happens....that wastes a lot of time. However, if the first thing you were going for is going slow, move to the second stage of your plan and come back to the first. Don't just hunt for stuff.....always be moving a piece somewhere better.

3) Play it twice. After you play it once, you figure out how to play it.....then the second time you always improve on your time. I think there may be people on the board that pride themselves in doing it fast on the first time. Not really sure. I think I caught a side comment from one of the fastest players here once (Dclo)....... not sure, just a sense I got. Anyway, no rule to doing it more times. Everybody has their own gameplan

Anyway, just some thoughts you might want to kick around. :-)


In order to do puzzles fast, you have to abandon any remnant of your previous existence, commit to jigidi as your one and only life goal, and dedicate yourself to a monastic life of practice practice practice. Also it helps if you keep playing the same puzzle over and over again until you float to the top! :-)

randlindsly - How do you get puzzles done so fast? I see your name at the top of the leaderboard all over the place!
Love your beer can pics - just right.


Tons of other interesting beer cans to play! Check out my previous puzzles! :-)


This is a good puzzle ~ challenging for me with the colors! Well done & cheers!

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