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4 x 4

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Oh WOW! And LOL! But I love you telling me you know, better late than never. I firmly believe it....So, thank you very much, Pussle :)


I probably should have commented sooner, because I've enjoyed your puzzles for several months now!


Happy to hear it, thank you, Pussle :) Nice to meet you :)


Great puzzle, thanks!


Happy you enjoyed the solve and thank you for telling me that you did, newdeal.... :)

Really enjoyable, Barb. Nice patterns and colours, beautifully arranged. Thank you!


Gail, seven faves calls for a big WOW! I'm very happy to hear that, it is so sweet....thank you bunches for the solve :)


I have seven favorites! Too many to list. Thank you for this wonderful puzzle, Barb.


You are very welcome, Mahalo. I'm glad you had a good time solving my puzzle :)

That was a beautiful challenge and quite rewarding to get all the gorgeous pieces in the right place!
Thank you.


I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the solve, garner10. That's what I always hope for :)


Wonderful comment, thank you so much dunnett. Most of the time I have to try several background colors before I am happy with what I see and can only hope solvers like it too....LOL Thank YOU for liking the results :)

Loved this puzzle - Enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

Lovely lovely lovely . As I have already mentioned, I do like it when the centre shadings don't follow my expectations. eg the bottom right. Who would have thought that the bright bright apple green would centre up with such a pretty delicate flower! thank you thank you thank you


So glad you like the collage and were able to find two faves. Thanks, Jenny :)

Super thank you. Favs were bottom left and the Black background and purple/pink pattern on the 2nd row - 2nd from left. - Jenny