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"Book Reading"

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Francine Van Hove was born in Paris and she is a contemporary French artist. She completed her degree in fine arts at Lycee Claude Bernard Arts School. Her oil paintings of women are very realistic and exquisite works of art. She is well known for her transparent skin tones and she expresses beauty in a different form. Her painting techniques are similar to the Italian painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. We have included 25 realistic oil paintings of women by Francine Van Hove for your inspiration.Her graphic and pictorial techniques are reminiscent of Italian Renaissance painters and Flemish painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. Francine Van Hove is particularly noted for the transparent skin tones of her nudes, which she always works from life. The expression of beauty, sensuality, meditation and freedom is the philosophy behind this artist’s work. Francine Born in Saint-Mande (Seine, France) and her work now counts more than 400 paintings, all privately owned, as well as numerous drawings and pastels.
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Thank you nanapuzzler and Bjresh for your feedback, it is appreciated :-)

We just got a lot of rain nanapuzzler, I took advantage of it and caught up on some much needed work. Thank you fot your concerns my friend.


Sometimes I like to keep unsolved puzzles around and look at them a lot before solving them. This is like that, too pretty to keep in the back and forget about. Thanks, oynot!


I see what they mean by transparent skin tones! So lovely and realistic*!*

Oynot, I sure hope you don't live in Corpus Christi ! or too close to the coast anywhere in TX. Please stay safe and dry my prayers are with you (◠‿◠)♥


I'm glad this puzzle was enjoyed by iceng, Tia2d, Isaly, @TripleNana and @alliebono (nice to meet both of you).


I wish I could paint this good!! Thanks for introducing me to this very talented artist :-)


Brilliant painting. This looks so real-to-life. You can almost read what is on the pages of the book she is reading!


Not quite awake, yet.


A fading old book and coffee in a huge cup
Helps avoid sleepiness from sneaking up :-))

Lovely. Thanks!

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