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Freya - Is this a banana I see before me?

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You too, octomom, you too.


I'm doing all right, catslave. Thanks for asking. It's too soon to know how much my surgeon fixed, but I'm hopeful that within six months, I'll be doing a lot better. I developed what's called a sterile abscess in the incision in my back, due to the stitch knots at each end of the incision. The one on my left side is doing a lot better. Slow and steady wins the race.... Stay well.


More like good training, snooker!! ☺☻☺

Good thinking, slave. :)


She is Ivar2012!

Snooker, I know better than that - or course I bought three of them!! :)

Ouch! How are you doing now Octomom? Three surgeries?! I hope they managed to fix it.


It's so nice to see you back posting, catslave. You've been missed. I hope you're feeling better, and that your need for heavy painkillers has diminished. I was out for a bit as well, having had three different spinal surgeries. Oh ho, what fun!

Thought that was Tyr's toy, Freya. Better watch your back. :)


Freya je spokojená krasavice.
Freya is satisfied Beauty