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I was looking at our picket fence this summer when I spotted a flower that appeared to be peeking through the slates in the fence. It was the bloom of a Hollyhock plant. The shining sun in the background backlit the flower in a way that drew my attention to it. I tried to capture the scene in this photo but it looked much more impressive in person.
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  1. will59675:28
  2. jlcutright6:53
  3. olando7:02
  4. l187:09
  5. Ira19627:17
  6. nanlein7:36
  7. patlampmanwilson8:05
  8. freetime8:25
  9. jignjw8:45
  10. Trapper8:48


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Beautiful close-up shot, Terry. I love the gorgeous flower and the fence kind of puts a frame to it. I think you did an excellent job of "capturing" the scene. Great puzzle and THANK YOU, once again.


It is impressive!

Terry--Nan said it best below--the flower glows! Thanks for the puzzle. Nancy


Nan, that is because the late afternoon sun was low in the sky and was providing a strong "backlighting" on the flower. Terry


the flower seems to be radiating light from within. It truly glows! Glad you shared it

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