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Delicious appetiser

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Plums, apricots, and prosciutto, with a glass of wine from my friends' winery. After working at their neighbours' winery (also fiends of mine) I enjoyed this deliciousness on my front porch at sunset, next to the tree those apricots came from.

Little things that make life beautiful.
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Okay jigsawfanatic, now you've got me studying the glass obsessively.


I am able to see optical illusions that no one else can see. That's why it took me so long to figure out what's going on with the glass.


nothing strange about that wine glass, exept that it is still half full. :))))


That is the strangest glass I've ever seen. The contents would spill out as soon as the glass is set down.


I have many friends who own boutique wineries...


You have friends who have a winery? And you worked at a winery? And now you are/were enjoying that delectable appetizer and wine next to a fruiting apricot tree? I have no words. I have run out of words.


thank you so much mazy, your doorbell should ring anytime now. :)))


Ben, Cyndi, Mischa, I have so much fruit right now, you are all welcome to join me :)


Delightful and just yummy.


Mazy does that ever look delish! Wish I could have been there to partake in it and watch an amazing sunset with you.


are you willing to share this with me, if so, i'll be on my way shortly.

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