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Thought to Live By

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Albert Einstein said something similar: "The world will not be destroyed by evil by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything."
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  4. JennyG660:14
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Thanks Sue*!*


Don't blame our situation on GOD!! He/She is not like humans and is not going to wipe our noses for us. He gave us intelligence and the ability to act...if we are kind or cruel is up to us and we will reap the consequences of our words and actions or inactions. Do no harm!!

Here it is Oct. 04, 2019
Tiger was 87 in 2018 so now should be 89....Where is @19Tiger49 ????


I agree with Albert Einsteins motto. Thanks.

Who knows about Tiger???????????????? Anyone out there??

A little while back, I made inquires about Tiger. A friend of his ?? said he was ill. I hope he has gotten better and not worse. Does anyone know??? For Sure. Beverly


I like it Sue. Thanks for posting what people,ought to get off their lazy behinds and do something. That includes me.

Thank you Kay for the posting. Bev. 2-5-18


You all have said the same things, but the US is stil closed, when are we going to stop being taken by our so called leaders and say we have had enough. You youngens can talk, and talk all you want for me at 87 , I am going to let you all talk and I am going to go see my lovely wife, In Heaven. Enjoy your day folks.


I got a lot of teasing when he recorded that song. Lived next door to a country/western singer, went to school with Ernest Tubb's kids.

only in passing, being he has passed.


and you obviously know Johnny Cash!

Hello Sue. How do you do. l am Jean


I'm not putting you in hot water, Friend Jean! (by the way, the "S" in my 'handle' is SUE

Here's where l get into hot water, if anybody's following:
IT IS ALL GOD'S WORK- both "good" and "evil"- IF God exists (S)He is the creator and ruler of everything- that's the definition of God, is it not? Therefore it all IS. no value judgement. But we do judge. And for the ost part there is NOTHING we can realistically do.
Take the "recent example"... somebody did the extreme- decided to shoot the Republican representatives. What did he accomplish? His own ending- nothing changed...


I agree with you, Ursus! I can think of a more recent example...


Ironically, much of the evil in the world is done by evil people under the misguided belief that they ARE good and that their actions are opposing "evil" people and ARE therefore good. The most obvious (and overused) example would be Adolf Hitler. He most certainly believed he was doing God's work.

yup, and evil is triumphing here on planet earth, sad to say, too many people ignore Jesus lifestyle, greed and corruption , lies everywhere

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