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Thanks for sharing. Here is your html-code:

Why are you reporting this puzzle?

Can anyone tell me about this?
Why this advertisement?


  1. JennyG660:15
  2. Ianto0:17
  3. gerdje170:17
  4. TauCeti0:18
  5. mapletree0:18
  6. jiri460:18
  7. Jbprols20:18
  8. jimez0:19
  9. MyBuddy0:19
  10. mercedes5000:20


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I like your explanation! That's very probably the case - I found the photo right here on Jigidi on April 15, 2018!


My scenario is this: This display is in a small local museum somewhere (in Scotland, Australia, or Prince Edward Island), and it illustrates some folktale or bit of local history that outsiders don't know about ("That time Granny McDougall caught little Jimmy Doolan drying himself off with her wedding dress" maybe).

Where did you find this photo?

@Bluestockings, thank for the clue. I will follow through. Mostly I was trying to figure out a scenario that made sense with his being naked! Everyone's comments are reasonable except for the naked bit!


@Mbuchner This photo looks like it might have been taken in a small local museum. I enlarged the photo and tried to read the large word in cursive on the poster in the top left quadrant. I tried several possibilities, and what I think it says is "Breadalbane." There are places called Breadalbane in Scotland, on Prince Edward Island (Canada), and in Australia. Is this helpful at all?


I think to, he is in trouble :))) but nice work - Thank You Mbuchner and Merry Christmas :))


Looks like the kid is catching heck for getting paint on the old lady's curtain.


just a great puzzle ! thanx M !


The old lady is holding up the shower curtain.

Why this advertisement?