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Pile of cuteness☺︎

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Thanks Jan and megabelle. She is feeding them but she's not going to win any mother of the year awards. ☺︎


they certainly look fed and content~~


They really are the cutest little creatures. I, too, hope Mom is feeding them by now! Keep us posted! :)))


Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm sorry that I don't have much time today for Jigidi but I will post an update soon.


They are gorgeous, Edie! I do hope Mum has got over her fear and has started feeding them. :-)


I really really hope she's feeding them by the time you read this because little kitties can dehydrate so quickly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you Edie aka 2dogs14cats,


They are indeed a pile of cuteness, Edie. Hopefully the momma will settle down eventually, and start feeding them.


Oh, they look so lovely, pure cuteness Edie.
I was thinking that maybe mom had a traumatic experience..... or something like Mrgoodboy suggests..


Make so much happiness just to see...


Look at that little beige one....So cute. They are all cute.

We had that situation about 40 years ago. The problem was that the mommy had a retained placenta. We took the seven babies and mom to the vet. He saved her life but it required a hysterectomy. After being away from her babies, she did not recognize them. The vet gave us dog milk and bottles and we had to feed them every 2 hours, and believe me, they let us know when it was time to feed them . The result was a litter of very socialized babies who loved people. They were quickly adopted. Whenever someone came to the house they immediately had seven little babies swarming around them. It made them irresistable .

Extreme cuteness .


They are gorgeous but fingers crossed mum will get back to feeding them, giving you one less headache.


What a wonderful pile of babies. Come on, Mom, and take care of your children. Come get to know Edie, You won't find a better friend. Thanks, Edie. I do hope you don't have to go to bottle feeding.

Adorable. Hope Mom feeds them soon.


There are 6 kittens Barb and they opened their eyes just two days ago so I'd say they're around 9 or 10 days old. I just hope that she doesn't stop feeding them Barb because I don't want to be that busy.


I'm exhausted Florrie. Bad sleep and been on my feet since 6:00 trying to prepare things for company tomorrow. Mom is very nervous. Since she's been in the room she hasn't gone to the kittens once. She was hiding behind the couch and after I blocked that off she's now on top of the bookcases. I don't want to end up bottle feeding so I hope she relaxes and goes to feed them.


So sweet ... how many babies are there? I somehow missed yesterday's puzzle until a minute ago. This will surely keep you extra busy, Edie!!! :-)

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