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Name the jigidiers part 2

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Warbler (Dave) Shian2 (Shirley) robryan (Robyn)
potatomum66 Rebecca Beekay
its_BillyBob Smllpkg Morris

its_BillyBob is my brother. :)
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  1. marunka2770:05
  2. mamere0:06
  3. Brie16480:06
  4. Lindof0:07
  5. ralphwt0:07
  6. snooker0:07
  7. Ianto0:08
  8. maryoz20140:08
  9. wjl10150:09
  10. andie9830:09


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Thanks for sharing!


Just in case you should drop in, it's the 8th July in Oz, so I just want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY SNOOKER! and let you know I miss you so. ♥♥

Yes, morris. TY.


Yaay!!! Hope all is well!!!

He got home today, Brie, so I should have a little more free time soon. TY


I'll keep looking too! We all look forward to your return - but all in good time; Charlie comes first!


Will do :-)

You are very welcome, Beekay. Have some photos collected for another one but still need 5 or 6 more. If you see any new ones, please let me know.


It surprises me too. It's fun to see all the collages you have put together. I do appreciate your work in gathering and making them to share with us. Thank you!☺

Have 8 of them so far, Gail. That's 72 people. Really surprised me.


I see Becky in the center. Thanks for the fun, Pat:)

All the names are right under the puzzle, Putter. Only one that is still missing 2 names is #6. You could help. :)


Warbs top left. Otherwise I'm lost!

Lots of memories as there have been hundreds of old photos posted in the last few weeks. :)


My, my... remember the good old 'playpen' all my chn went into one, what a great memory stirrer that photo is.

It is, Jim. They have all been named - look in the section under the photo. Thank you.


Snooker , I think that's warbler top left.

Glad you liked them, Florrie. #4 is up and have 1 for #5 already.

Thanks to all! Watch for #4. :)


Such cuties! :))))


How cute are these little folks too! Thanks Snooker, hugs


LOL Snooker!! I'll have to find a baby pic of me! The picture of the pants was to show morris he didn't have a corner on the market of outlandish clothes!


Hey, I know few of them!

Glad you like it, Rob. ♥


Well - there's some familiar faces here snooker:)))) Thanks :)))) LOL!!


Don't know what happened??


Am I wrong, partner??


LOL , partner!



It's fine - said I would post the names tonight and doing it now. Great comment I thought. ♥


I can remove my comment.

LOL, morris. Guess I better put your name in.


The one with the cap and pacifier sure was a good looking kid. :)

It may go on awhile yet as I have another one already for the 4th collage. :)


I spy....Warbler (would know him at any age!), Shirley, Robyn, Beekay and smllpkg!
The others may take some work for me.
Snooker....thank you so much for doing this. What a smile!


Thank you snooker for putting all these little people together, what a cute bunch!

Think it was Edie - 2dogs7cats. :)


Who was it who posted their baby/child pic first! What fun this is!

That will work - have 9 now. Will get the 3rd collage done. TY


What about Phylis (cilycoed). It's only a profile picture though.

Yes, got them both. TY


Did you find Hester and Lela?

Had done it and then couldn't find it again. Thanks for all the help. Have 8 now.


I love the dress Edie!

Barb made this in a private puzzle.

TY will look for them.


Hester, (Feisty Freddy) posted a couple as well, as did Lela.

Almost have enough for a 3rd collage, Brie. It has been a fun time.


ooooh... but weren't they just super looking!

Thanks, Lorna. Still more to come. If you know of anyone I've missed, please let me know. Have Edie and littlebluehat for the next one so far.


Hmm, I know some of them... Great puzzles snooker!

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