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LOL!! Donna, that's so funny!! I do understand and have caught my upper arms waving at people, too. Haha!
It's been sooo nice and cool here today! I'm enjoying it so much and I hope you are too, dear friend.


Hi, Dottie. This is hilarious!!! Another funny one you've found to make us laugh. My upper arms flap but no tattoo for me. I'll just endure the flapping. (ha) Several years ago, in church, I looked around and saw some friends sitting behind me and back further so I waved at them nicely and just happened to look down and saw my upper arm flesh flapping like everything and I jerked my arm down quickly, hoping no one noticed. (ha) Thanks for posting this, my friend. Hope you enjoy this cooler weather we are to have this week and next. :-) I know I will.


Thanks, Sparklie friend. So glad you enjoyed it.

LOL...Sweet Jan!! Too funny!


ha ha JiggyBelle!


Nope! Not me. No sireee, definitely not me. Now pardon me while I go wave my arms patriotically! ROFL! Love this one, Darling Dottie!!!


Hysterical and a really fun puzzle to solve thx xxxx


Thanks, Cuz! So good to "see" you on Jigidi!


I knew what you meant. :-))


LOL. Good one, Cuz.


Thanks Cyndi, you are welcome!! :D

Haha!! You're welcome Judy.

Janette, I love it!! So funny and so true!!


Judy, reposted my comment because it said far, not fat! ('◡')


This is sooooo funny Dottie, it reminds me a greeting card I saw... on the front it said 'What's shaking, on the inside it said 'Besides the fat under my arms!' ('◡')


ha ha! Love the cartoon, and Jeanette's card. This may be the one and only tattoo, I'd get. ha ha

probably not, though.
Thanks Dottie!


This is great Dottie. Thanks for the laugh! Cyndi

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