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Crazy Horse

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The following article is the first of a periodic chronology that will be published by the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation on the history of the Memorial – a story that remains in a state of becoming. Much of this initial piece of history is a brief remembrance of the Memorial Foundation’s namesake, Tasunke Witko, Crazy Horse, based on information by Joseph M. Marshall III’s The Journey of Crazy Horse: A Lakota History.
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Maybe our children will see it finished. The structure will be able to be viewed from three side when it's finished. Every time we go to South Dakota we stop to see it and find something new.


Hi pmccall, we saw this last September. Had a wonderful day there, and found the whole place amazing and very spiritual. We saw a Lakota dancer dance on the deck with the Memorial in the back ground. Magic. I receive the newsletter regularly now. I don't think I'll live long enough to see it finished, but more progress will be done in the next 20 years or so, which I hope to see. Thanks, janet


We saw this from the road a few years back. Like to be able to see it done...hopefully pretty soon. 80 in creeping up.


PutterDutt - thank you for your post comment...never knew of the sight or it's signifiance...nice to enjoy a puzzle and get an education at the same time!


Good for you for posting this, pmccall! Everyone has heard of Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial is very near Rushmore. My husband and I sort of stumbled onto this place by accident many years ago and it has been a thrill to see the progress. Slow, but progress. The museum located there is an amazing place to go through. I know I'll misspell his name, but Korsczak was an artist in many ways, including an amazing piece of wood carved into 2 fighting stallions, paintings, furniture. He was a brilliant artist and a dreamer who sought to make up for the wrongs done to the Indians (like taking their sacred mountain and putting the Presidents on it) by giving the Indians their own memorial and a college. (The college just graduated their first class.) This project is funded completely by donations, no federal funding has ever been accepted. While Korsczak died a few years ago, his family carries on the project. Amazing and well worth seeing and reading up on.

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