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I am Half-Sick of Shadows, said the Lady of Shalott

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The artwork in Today's Daily Jigsaw Puzzle is titled "I am Half-Sick of Shadows, said the Lady of Shalott" (1916), and the artist is English painter John William Waterhouse (1849 - 1917) ♥

You can find more information on John William Waterhouse here ♥
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Love the art by this artist


did it in less. 😏


Shallot hmmmmmmm 🤔isn't that a fancy name for a member of the onion 🍈family 😂No wonder she was sick 😪😪She probably ate too many 🤔Of course,you realise this is all hypothesis and conjecture on my part 😀


Love the work of John William Waterhouse AND the story about the Lady of Shalott! ♥

The "Lady of Shallot" is a poem by Tennyson. I think this painting is particularly clever in that the scene behind Lady Elaine is a mirror, not a window. In the poem, the mirror reflects "the people passing by" on the streets below her tower. It is a tragic poem that ends with her death while floating herself in a boat down the river to Camelot, where her body is seen and admired by Lancelot. The Lady had seen Lancelot passing by below her tower, and fallen in love with him from afar.

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