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Took this photo last month while visiting Bisbee. This is the main street that is going through the middle of old town Bisbee. The down town area had a ample supply of eating, drinking, and art related places.
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Ah yes! If memory serves me right this is the neat street that runs off the main street and then kind of parallels it. Thanks SG7.

I guess if you show up late, you miss all the fuss. (I ate dinner first, can't abide cold turkey). Thanks seagirl7 for posting. This is a neat photo. connie


mojaveman, you caught me. Thanks for the heads up. I was rushing out of the house today to go to a Thanksgiving gathering and quickly grabbed some puzzles and missed that this one wasn't done.


Yeah, mojaveman, I had to research this myself. Bisbee, Az - longest standing brick Victorian building in Bisbee is the Letson Loft Hotel. Looks like a great place. Love the seagirl photos.


I realize this is Thanksgiving but no dialogue on where this is? Don't blame are the one who spoiled us.

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