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Yellow flower

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Love the creativity of the maker of this...would you like to guess what materials were used here?

Bahandi Exhibition
SMEX Manila


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I used to eat some of those for snacks when i was in the elem. Marina. Those ones had caramelized sugar on top.


Thanks Willy...


I thought if was made of some sort of paper..then I've read your description..I could never imagine that you can grill and actually eat this beauty!!!


So very pretty


Welcome Irena! Glad to see you again.


Thank you for your answer Lunie. It's very instructive! Have a nice day ☼


Thanks for the tries, you were close to that...Those fans were made of our National Leaf, (Saribus rotundifolius, the round-leaf fountain palm, is a palm found in Southeast Asia. It is a member of the genus Saribus. It is also called footstool palm and as anahaw or luyong. The foliage of the Saribus rotundifolius is the unofficial national leaf of the Philippines. Wikipedia); the center of course is a styrofoam but those colorful "stamens" at the center is from kiping" which is a traditional Filipino leaf-shaped wafer made from glutinous rice. It originates from the city of Lucban, Quezon. It is celebrated annually in the Pahiyas Festival. It can be eaten grilled or fried and can be dipped in sugar, vinegar, or other sauces. Wikipedia.

The wall which looked like a brick is made from coconut husk...

Will see if i find the kiping decor i took from a resto. I like your answers.


Interesting, thanks for the show, isn't it made of banana leaf, or water hyacinth, or rattan?


At first I thought the yellow were shells but after solving they look like woven fans. The colors with thin white lines could be candies on sticks (like what we call suckers) and the center as chocolate cookie. lol Very creative. Thanks, Lunie & Didi.


Very clever and lovely. TFS


I believe, Patti and Janet are correct, they are fans made from rattan. the background could be cork.


Is it rattan Lunie, yes it looks like fans. Thanks and hugs.


Nice! But I don't know. The yellow petals almost looks like fans...???