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Germany- Rhineland Palatinate (Upper Middle Rhine)

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Rheinstein Castle (German: Burg Rheinstein) is a castle near the town of Trechtingshausen in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

The castle was constructed in about 1316/1317. Rheinstein Castle was important for its strategic location. By 1344, the castle was in decline. By the time of the Palatine War of Succession, the castle was very dilapidated. During the romantic period in the 19th century, Prince Frederick of Prussia (1794–1863) bought the castle and it was rebuilt. (Wiki)
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Hi elli! We haven't been to Heidelburg though, even my German husband, but it's already in our bucket...nice to see you come by!


We are similar on that Andie!

gorgeous photo of a fabulous castle. I've only been to Heidelberg Schloss, back in '72. Though some of its walls were crumbling, I still felt the spirit of the place very strongly. Thank you, dilubreuer!


My pleasure Lunie.You know how much I love History..


They are master pieces of art and carries with them the romance and drama of history, Andy.


It's really nice talking to you Andie, you put in more informative facts. Thank you!


Love all these castles!


I like this one best,great sentinel standing proudly on its rock.Good job the Prince had it rebuilt,it's such a shame to see all those beautiful monuments crumbling to pieces.And they were not victims as ours were of the Revolution.At that time all castles and churches were sold as "public property", most were demolished and then used as stone quarries..and then thankfully,came the romantic period,and Viollet le Duc to restore or rebuild them.


Good you are back Allie! Missed your postings on Malta's wonderful landmarks! Enjoy!


Hi Lunie - I'm back! Beautiful castle - look forward to seeing the others in this new set!I love exploring castles! :-)


True Beekay... Am wondering too!


Beautiful one! What amazes me is they were able to build these huge castles back then.


Our old rusting train here is even noisier!


now i think i like this one best. it's beautiful and you probably can't hear the train up there.


Thanks willy!


You are welcome Suzy! i wish i could id some i took outside of Rhineland Palatinate too!


Thanks Mrgoodboy!


You won't regret it Patti!


Nice castle series today, Lunie.


Incredible! Am loving the castles you are posing. Thanks, Lunie.

Beautiful landscape .


Wonderful! Would love to visit some day!

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