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Arches NP, Utah

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  1. knittinggranny2:38
  2. WendyKay2:40
  3. carriejig3:03
  4. ANAJ583:11
  5. jayhawk3:20
  6. 08293:22
  7. polderhaas3:23
  8. puzzaddled3:33
  9. JitkaV3:39
  10. fodus3:57


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Wow, thanks, jayhawk. I just switched to Most Recent Comments and voila! Thank you, it always makes me feel so good. You know the place, and you still like my pictures. Feels good. Thank you.

This photo is beautiful, too, Jitka! You really do an amazing job.


I am very happy you are OK. Hope everything worked out well and you are not in too much pain anymore. Probably yes, it is still too short a time. Take it easy, please?!


Thank you for your concern Jitka


It is quite dry there, not much to feed on. The ones that live there, I don't think you would want to meet - cougars and such. We saw plenty of deer in Grand Canyon, antelopes, even roadrunner. But not too many, true. It is a desert, after all. Extremely beautiful, but not much life in it. Thanks, fodus.


On our trip to Texas, through all these national parks, we never saw any wild life and I was looking all the time for anything!

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