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June 1981 Aerial view over part of The Hague

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I've numbered objects in my area:
#1= where my house sits; #2 = The apartment building at the back; # 3=the hospital; #4= was a garden centre and is where the high new build sits now; #5 to #11= where all the other the new build is being realized and is almost ready.
#11 was an apartment building for hospital employees only and was called "Zusterflat" and was stripped and demolished Jan/Febr.2016. Many parts (like doors, window frames) of that building have not been wasted but will be recycled.
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  1. liertje19780:59
  2. babray1:06
  3. auntmom71:13
  4. zhaba471:19
  5. RebeccaB1:23
  6. glenestele1:25
  7. Impie1:35
  8. wshealy1:37
  9. shelby491:44
  10. ClaudioVar1:47


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Thanks Faye, I did know that Lilies are poisonous and can cause acute renal failure when a kitty eats of them, eiter the flower or the leaves. But so many more plants are toxic for cats. My sister's cat Micky once ate from a Dieffenbachia (Dumb cane) and he got seriously ill. She took him to the vet where he was treated, she was lucky because Micky only just made it!
I never had Poinsettia at Christmas when we had a kitty. They are all related to Euphorbia and very poisonous!!


Just saw this on Trouble and Frog's puzzle:


Yeah Rebecca, it is, eventhough (at #7) it's almost cut in half for new build! :(


Nice to see that you have some green areas nearby.


Yeah, Betty, I'll check every now and then on the site whether they'll post recent aerial views. A couple of weeks ago there was this (annoying) plane flying low over the area all afternoon, so I guess they were taking photos of the progress!?:)

Such a great view, thanks Impie! It is a great look at your little part of heaven.


Faye, I guess after you've solved it, you will see #1 more clearly! ;-))

Right, Ella, that's just great you did and why not if it's still in good condition. Saving so much money is a plus which you then can spend on other things! ;)


What a great areal view! Glad to hear they recycled much of the apartment building. So many thing are just trashed when they can be repurposed. When I had my bathroom remodeled a couple of summers ago, I kept the 1947 bathtub as it was in very good condition. I saved nearly $2,000.00 by not replacing it.


Bookmarked! :DDD

(I'm having difficulty seeing the #1 but I know where to look?)

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