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Easter 2013 - celebration of spring

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Last day of operation at Apex Mountain ski resort, on the back side (south facing) of the mountains, a local hangout called "The Heavens".

Note short sleeves, shirtlessness, girls in bikini tops, and the Canadian flag. Behind me someone has set up an inner tube luge run (so fun) and a game of pong (drinking, not ping).

Someone has brought up a sound system, and someone else has set up a margarita / daiquiri station with a blender run off a modified chainsaw.

Those who do not have copious amounts of sunscreen on turn lobster red - the reflection effect is worse than if you are on the water. It is deliciously warm in the sun but very chilly in the shade of the trees.

I can do a 4 part series on this if anyone wants to see the blender etc.
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  1. Dilubreuer0:26
  2. sunlitranch0:29
  3. Gulliver0:31
  4. lebag0:32
  5. alias2v0:41
  6. osersan0:41
  7. nanpic0:44
  8. Bronnie0:47
  9. radiojerry0:47
  10. lupardi_30:48


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OK I will set up the better pics...


You know how to have a good time Mazy, sounds like a fun time was had by all.


Yes, chainsaw, blender and etc!


I only have one chainsaw - works fine for me :)


My double bladed axe worked just as good as my chainsaw. Sometimes better. It would have been fun to join you.


I'm looking forward to seeing that custom blender!
(PS- I own 2 chainsaws. LOL)


Sounds like a fun event, Mazy. I'd like to see the blender/chainsaw.


I'll be watching. Those were happy times, weren't they?


Agreed, Ardy - a good idea to keep an open mind, but a sceptical one! sometimes I am quite disheartened by the level of credulity that people show online - the most blatantly photoshopped images to be believed as real, and the most outrageous untruths to be peddled as fact.

Skepticism is healthy!


OK, Mazy. It's hard to believe anything one sees these days. ☺

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