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Theodore Roosevelt

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  1. KatieZn2:10
  2. amoc772:15
  3. Dclo2:40
  4. ederks2:55
  5. jigsaw19493:13
  6. Leeann3:15
  7. jmonty294:02
  8. ash13134:59
  9. ghostlyhat5:03
  10. kenmoore7:15


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I was watching a Ken Burns doc. on The Roosevelt's and actually just paused it and snapped a pic with my IPhone. The light in upper corner is actually my living room light, whoops. Between you and me we can just pretend that the sun is out, har har. Thanks PJFM, Dclo


I Googled this photo, found a blog where the title is....

'Portrait Of A Badlands Dandy' by Keith Harris.

Thought I would share with you what he says about the garb
and knife that Roosevelt (who looks quite handsome here)
is wearing ..........(it struck me as humorous).

"The juxtaposition of New York patrician and rugged Dakota
Badlandian is especially absorbing…right down to the custom
tailored hinterland garb and Tiffany silver-plated Bowie knife.
I suppose in one sense, you can take the boy out of the posh
but not the posh out of the boy".

Dclo, It appears that you took a photo of an existing framed photo?
As I see a light in the corner. Can you share with us where you
saw this framed photo. I had never seen it before, of course
he was wearing a mustachio in pictures that I have seen. : )
Thanks for sharing this one.

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