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Old-Time Coke sign

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naughty naughty hahah lol


Ha! A memory with a touch of nautiness!


My first year of college a roadside Coke sign was borrowed/stolen, turned upside down and we got in and slid down snow covered hills in N. Carolina.


I cool I stick with Waterloo Sparkling Water and Verners Gingerale


Oh,, My Gosh, jerry! I'd forgotten that! W-a-a-y back, years ago, at work, a bunch of us would throw a dime into a cup, and whoever had the bottle from the greatest distance, got the dimes...Thanks for the memory!


I remember that, too, Jerry.


Bummer, Zelda. Walmart makes a house brand of diet and sugared soda called Sam's Cola, that comes without caffeine in the gold cans. MUCH cheaper than Coca Cola and I think it's just as good.


I remember getting ice cold 6 oz cokes from a vending machine for 5 cents apiece. Sometimes several of us would make a small wager to see who got a bottle from the farthest away. The locations of the bottling companies were molded into the bottoms of the bottles.


dang it which I could drink coke but I'm allergic to caffeine


Y'know? I still prefer my coke in a bottle...cans just don't do it.


The word "Coke" made me giddy as a kid because I rarely got one.


I, too, remember these. There was nothing better than going to a Coke machine and getting an ice cold Coke.

This brings back good memories Ellen, thank you. Enjoy your day.


I remember those.. Those were the times when we drank coca cola instead of water!


It is nice, but my very favorite memory with "Mom Brewer" was a night we sat at her kitchen table for hours, talking about Keeshond pedigrees going waaaaaay back. (Mom was one of the very BEST breeders of our beloved breed, and bred my miracle dog, Putter.) It was a thrill to find out that my Tigger, my 1st Keeshond, had an ancestor about 6 generations back, that was Mom's dog! Small world.


It's nice when an object brings back happy memories. Thanks.




My dear, unofficially adopted Mom used to collect old Coke memorabilia, so seeing this made me think of her.