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miniature stone house

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I'm not commercializing here - Warbler's river-stone church set me to looking for info on how stone buildings are constructed. This lovely image was one of the first that came up. Mr. Stephens offers workshops in how to build miniature stone houses.

The church built of river stone:
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135 is the number of solves when I solved it.

Very neatly stacked.


Just love this. Miss you , hugs


It is, isn't it? Thanks for visiting.

The doorway is done so well.


Thank you marmar & allie. It's very satisfying just to look at it. I'm not good with my hands, but this is the kind of piece that makes a person want to TRY. Thanks for coming by.


absolutely beautiful! How clever! incredible workmanship - must have taken ages! tfs!


OH! I Love this.
Just Finding the stones would be loads of fun.
Thanks Sharon.Great share.


How totally cool is that! Even the "shingles" overlap and there is a river stone retaining wall along the back side! Thanks for finding this Sharon and sharing it. Well done!


Dear Sharon (also) - I have every confidence in your building skills, but you might want to get a waiver from the fairies before they move in, just in case. Thanks for stopping by.


Dear Sharon - that is so neat. Would be great in my grand-daughters fairy garden but if I built it - the fairies would get crushed when it toppled over!☺♥Sharon


I bet you're right, Gramdragon. Thanks for visiting.

Pretty- and I'll bet it took awhile to build, even in miniature!

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