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Getting choppy in Bermuda.

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Hi mariolyn, should be ok for that date. Looks like we will not have a direct hit now, so all should be well. Still monitor the situation, hopefully all will be well.


We're supposed to set sail Sept 16 and be there the 18 or 19. Have heard nothing from Norwegian Star to the contrary, but will contact them closer to leaving home for NYC.


Back in one piece SMor, showing pics now, thank you.
Shirley, PKH and Ank, thanks for your concern, I am ok and back safe and sound. See the pics soon.


Hi OM, yes this one makes us nervous, only traveling at 2 mph so has lots of time to intensify. Too late, went swimming today!


I love this beautiful pictures Robbie but I don't want to see them anymore when you are going to play daredevil. Don't do it Robbie.


I don't believe this is the water our docent will go out in his dinghy in....right, oh wise one?


Robbie the more comments I read the more I worry for you, We really don't need the photo's if it is as big a risk as I think it maybe to you, your life is worth more then a photograph. Please take care, Love this picture, it's choppy enough for me. Thanks Robbie.


Please keep in mind PG's need for his Docent... Daredevil, Daring Do and Delightful Docent are not water soluble and do not mix well in churning water.... They are NOT a dime a dozen you know.... Replacement is next to impossible....Take care Dear Docent, if you must go dinghying, enjoy the ride and come back in one piece please.... :) :)


I saw on the news tonight that it's definitely headed your way. Batten the hatches, make sure the cellar's clean, and whatever you do, DON'T GO IN THE WATER!

Stay safe, Robbie and Jenny.


Thank you PKH, Graci, Hanne, JB and Celeste and all of you, have been out and going to bed. Will let you all know tomorrow how I make out.


Wonderful shot there Robbie and please be careful. :)


Robbie - Read my lips.....NO DINGHY!
Take care!


In a situation like this - your going out in a dinghy tomorrow - I would have asked for the car keys!! That's what I do to tell when I don't like it anymore!! Actually I have my own but they are almost always in the car!! Robbie, DO TAKE CARE!! PLEASE!!


Robbie be careful, remember that's nature and you are only human. Just make sure your life insurance is paid to date (no kidding)


Well put, PG.


PG no way to the surfboard!
Granny I'll be waiting with a swizzle!


I'm on my way!.......


I am not in the market for a slightly used and abused docent so no surfing at your age who do you think you are Jack?


Thanks tex, I'll be ok, I will be rowing inside our harbour and will see what it is like from behind an Island. I am no daredevil!
Thanks katz.
Gem don't worry.........well she asked if the will and life insurance were in order (just kidding!)


I say, No, don't does Jenny feel about you in a little dinghy with big surf and lethal undertow?


So beautiful,you be careful out there!


I agree with Fidget, I'm amazed too. It's just gorgeous. Please, please be careful, Robbie, I know you know what you're doing, but take care of yourself! Thanks for a beautiful photo.


Hi Fidget, one thing about our water is that it is beautiful no matter how rough. There is no mud or silt on the bottom, just sand and coral. Thanks.


Thanks gladstone, I was thinking of going out in my dinghy tomorrow to get some cool shots, not here of course but a lot closer to the heaviest surf. There are some Islands about an hour or so away from the house, I'll see if I have the stamina.


Never knew the waters would stay that fabulous shade of turquoise even when churning like that. That's amazing.


TS Leslie is 470 miles away now and you can see although the surf is not huge yet, it is causing a lot of undertow and stirring up the sandy bottom. All the south shore beaches have warnings now. Leslie will become a hurricane in a few hours.


Wouldn't want to be out there in a small boat. Thank you.