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Highlights boards - Thank you - 3 months at Mosaics

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I'm celebrating the three months of creating puzzles on Mosaics. It's been a great time enjoying the creating and commenting fellowship here, so nice with new friends. Thank you, PJ


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Thank you so much Judy - for your encouragement, and your kind words. You are such a supportive person and I'm looking forward to more contact with you, and to enjoy more of your inventive creativeness!


PJ, I started creating just a couple weeks before you, so I know how you are feeling. It's great to look at the growth in creativity, and the many wonderful friends who are so welcoming. You have definitely made a place for yourself here and the community has benefitted from so many of your absolutely lovely puzzles. Here, here! May you have many years of solving, creating, and befriending. You are an encourager and that's great for all. Congrats on the fine journey.


Thank you Mandy - glad you enjoyed my 'design efforts'. I've been experimenting a little bit with 3D, and I thought too that it made an interesting effect here - almost like stairs. And I look forward to more of your puzzles and comments....


A lovely collection of your board puzzles, PJ, and I love the way you've managed to add a reflection under each one - its makes a lovely 3D effect for the whole compilation. Thanks so much for the pat 3 months, I look forward to many more...


Thank you Barb, such a sweet compliment. It's been very nice commenting with you, and solving some of you very fine puzzles. I've got a small screen, so I usually stick to the small sizes.
I'm just - PJ.


A fine collection of some of your lovely boards, PJ! Thanks for all your lovely puzzles. From Barb :-)


Thank you Franicine, for such a nice comment. I started out with much more somber and dull colors, gradually I came to enjoy the brighter ones. With darker ones in between.


Thank you, PJ ... :) Your designs are always fun with great cheerful colours. (1:59)


Thank you Pat. Glad you enjoyed it. And thank you for your fine puzzles and comments!


Wonderful set today, PJ! Thanks so much for all the puzzles and comments! :-)))


Thank you Heathermary - glad you enjoyed it.


Thank you. Enjoyed this one.