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Fun on the beach yesterday.

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Glad you laughed yellow and thanks.
Thank you too Ank.
Yes a good smile is wonderful Celeste, thanks.
Hi Kat, glad you liked it, thanks.
Aww shucks gem, I'm all choked up! ( All my old teachers are howling!! ) Thanks.


When I was a teacher, you, Robbie, would be seated next to my desk at the back of the classroom! (But you would be one of my favourite students!) :DDD


Wonderful photo and story, Robbie! Thanks!!


Laughs.. Robbie.. sounds like some stunts I would pull.. giggles some .. it's no wonder I love children, I give them memorable moments.. Seems as you did too
Wonderful picture of some happy children :) Laughter from a child can bring a smile to anyones face


I agree, please don't change Robbie. We all love the clown in you. I like this lovely photo with happy children faces.

ROFL!! Oh, dear, Robbie, you must be those kids' favorite uncle by far! Have you taught them how to paint the toenails on the statues in a church? That's way fun. Never be concerned & like I've said before, don't change a thing . . . look at their faces !!! Fantastic photo, Jenny.


Hi PK, the kids learn good manners and have fun playing with Jenny. I teach them the finer points of life!! She hasn't been fired as a nanny.......YET!!
Yes JB, properly!! Thanks.
You are welcome Marilyn, she captured those smiles just right, thanks.
Yes foxy but since I never had children, I forget that they are so literal! Thanks.
Thank you Hanne, I don't intend to change.....EVER!!


The only thing that's "wrong" with you Robbie is, that you are a child too!! Never stop being so, please!! Thanks so very much!


Kids are so literal, aren't they, Robbie! We had a good laugh over this tale... thanks :-) Thanks for today's set of shots. It was kind of you to share a little sunshine with the northeners :-)


Thanks, Jenny, for a great beach shot.


It IS a great photo, Robbie - Look at the joy in their faces!

And, the bright side is that they now know HOW to fart properly! :D


Oh dear Robbie. I don't know what to say but I bet Jenny didn't have a problem when she got you home. Still laughing.. Teaching a little girl things like that.


Sorry bookish I must have typed as you were typing your comment. Glad you had a laugh, Jenny says I am more trouble than the four kids she looks after!!
Thanks Nova, glad you enjoyed it, I was a bit nervous to start with but felt at home after a while!!
Hey mate, I really liked this photo, Jenny took it and captured those smiles so well! Thanks.


Look at them, they smile with uncle robbie's crazy faces! georgeous mate!


Kids will be kids......and just at the most awkward time.....thanks for a laugh, Robbie.


Hi chickie.......Well I was just telling her, just in case!! ( OK I guess so! )


Oh Robbie, thanks for making me laugh. Still smiling as I type...:-)


LOL Robbie. So lela was right about the gas.


Jenny took 7 kids to lunch then to the beach yesterday. One of our very rare sunny days lately. I of course caused some TROUBLE at brunch sunday. We were taken out to a very nice restaurant, one of the little girls went to her father halfway through, lifted her leg and blew a fart! (Demonstrating.) She said "This is the way to let it go, Robbie showed me!!" Her mother cracked up but dad gave me a bit of a look! Anyway, later their son wanted some bread to feed the fish outside but there was none on the table. Without thinking I said "get some shrimp from the brunch table." Well before we could say anything he had a handful of jumbo shrimp and out the door!! The fish were VERY HAPPY.......I was in trouble.....AGAIN!!!! The kids want us to visit them in New York.....Their mother said "Only if Robbie wears a collar and leash!! I thoroughly enjoyed my brunch!