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good morning Hanne and Lee thank you

The center of the puzzle is my favorite. Love the yellow against the brown.


Actually we can't have too much sun, thanks for these, June!!


not warm so far, forgot to switch the heating on again so it must be a couple of degrees better


SPECTACULAR!!! I chose the middle top but there are other contenders. LOL These sunny designs helped brighten my spirits today as it's overcast and wet!! Hope you get warm. Many thanks June!!! :)))
(time, 3:37)


Hi Barb, Ardy and Katie thank you. Hope things warm up a bit for us all, dry here and quite nice 45F
tomorrow forecast colder and raining, my day out spoiled but i must go out to get some mousetraps, I knew I would get infested with the dirty things when Karl said he had one. thing is he needs the humane traps so we have to go to a bigger town and spend a lot more money, drat. I don't use Internet Explorer I like Firefox as there are less attacks there, but still a lot of course. Also I use Bing instead of Google as I am more in charge of what I want there


Hi June, this seems to be working for me as the sun is trying to break through the clouds right now! We tied a record high yesterday at 83 F and are forecast to get close to that today as well. Then storms and dropping back to the 50s with cold nights again. I'm enjoying it while I can! Another day of yard work today.


Hi June. Love the bright sunshine. Thank you. Over 80 again yesterday. I use Google Chrome. Kirsten's star is just a tiny red speck. For awhile there was a double spacing for long profile names with stars and the star appeared in full under the name but a little over a week ago something changed on Jigidi and it's back to the tiny red spot again. I have noticed that in Internet Explorer the star is full sized. Another thing that changed was the favorites screen. It used to stay where I left it while I was solving a puzzle but now it goes back to the top every time. I find that quite annoying.


This puzzle is particularly appropriate today, June, as I need all the sunshine I can get from your lovely images. It's pouring rain and is to rain pretty much for the next 4 or 5 days. Thanks for this sunny puzzle! :-)


it's the first time it's happened and troodle just has a speck, gremlins i guess. I have a laptop too not very big but more comfortable to me than a computer with a screen higher up


I think it's because I have a long profile name and there must be limited space to display it in, in the leaderboard,June. Although, on my computer it looks just fine. And I've only got a laptop! So I think it may have something to do with what browser you use, and your screen resolution too. Sounds like I know what I'm talking about it, doesn't it!! Couldn't be further from the truth. LOL


Kirsten your star is just a tiny speck on my computer, why is that?


Hi Magda and Kirsten thank you. today I thought I would invoke Apollo the Sungod in hope of a nice warm day. It's not, but the sun is shining so he is doing his best


Oooh, I luuuuuurve that top middle June!! Thanks for another lovely puzzle!! :)))

And Magda, I'm so glad you found June. She's the KaleidoQueen!!


Wow June, I see what I have missed out by not discovering your Kalaidos earlier. Thanks so much!