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Saturday's Flower

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177 solves
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Thank you very much, Katie! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :-)


I love this one - great colors and wonderful layered effect!


Mary, I remembered you telling me that you were a champion figure skater! I was very impressed. You never responded after I did. ;-)
The advantages of having a database! Another wink. ;-)


Oh, Wendy, that's a funny page with the Salsa dance on it. Now I know I've been doing it right on cruises when they play salsa music up on deck! However, my dances involve much more than feet moving. I'm classically trained and was a figure skater so I know that it's not a dance unless the whole body is dancing. The hips are central, and the arm movements must keep the arms in good line form. If you get your arms outta whack you might just as well take a seat on the floor, which is what you do when you're skating and that happens! LOL


Thank you very much, PJ. Mandy's pretty smart...which obviously means that you must be too. ;-)


I agree with Monza's comment.
Fun puzzle. PJ


Judy, it's sounds like a wonderful plan! But I think Mary needs to make a booklet with all the steps for each dance.
I just found this online....

I figure that Mary has come up with at least 20 dances, so that means a booklet with at least 20 pages worth of steps.


Regarding your desire to learn "Puzzle Dancing" to Mary's recordings, Norma and I were talking about her daughter's musical ability (as in Phd) writing a song including "Ya Ya Na Na" in the lyrics cuz her granchildren call her YaYa and mine Nana. I suggested it be a jig, appropriate for puzzlers. So you hone up your skills for a lively jig, while Norma's daughter produces the music and Mary records it. Then we can make a bunch of CD's for your windchime future, or for Mary's collection. Sound like a plan?


Mr. Bugosi, I fully agree with her too, but in kaleidoscoping the Flower Shop (with an added effect), I figured I'd throw this in for the dainty females who love this kind. On another note, I LOVE your name for whatnauts. I've known her too long though, to call her anything but whatnauts now. But whatsits is very cute.

whatnauts- about forgiveness- I'm replying as I read up the messages and I see Ardy is next up....and I'll find out then.

Ardy- thank heavens! I'm relieved. And I'm glad you enjoyed today's puzzles. :-)

Mandy- it's not the first time I've done that, but yes, of course it's a masterstroke. ;-)

Mary, I hope you're recording all the Flower Dances with the proper music to go with them. One of these days I'd like to get some "Dancing to Puzzles" lessons.


Oh, I didn't even notice the orange while I was solving it, I was so caught up with the beautiful shades of pink! Doing the Pink Flower Dance, which is oh, so delicate in a ballet style! There is no orange in my dance, none at all! 2:05 Thanks, Wendy!


I think the flowers within the flower are a masterstroke, very delicate. Thanks Wendy.


Wendy, this is so lovely I can forgive the orange. Pink and orange are both great colors but to me they don't belong together. It's something like you preferring Pat's off-center designs. You'll put up with the centered ones but you'd rather not. I feel that way about pink and orange together.

Thank you, Wendy. I really do like your splendid Saturday selection.


It's only a pinch of orange - I'm sure she'll forgive you Wendy.


I fully agree with whatsits!.......


OH NO! I just noticed that there's orange in this and Ardy hates pink and orange together. Ardy, forgive me! Seriously, I didn't notice the orange. OH, GEeeeeeez, I should go back to bed!


ROTFLMAO! This is a nod to Ardy. She likes pink and I almost never make pink today I decided to be kind. Whoa! I just looked and you're number 2 here. I guess you wanted to get it over with as quickly as you could. LOL


A very nice flower, except for the pink and frilly part :P !!!! LOL