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Christmas Cactus - 1

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Here is my Christmas cactus in bloom. Taken Mon, Nov 18, 2013, Litchfield, IL.


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Diane, the temptation is to water it too much. These cacti don't like to have wet feet!


I buy a Christmas cactus and enjoy it for a while, but it never flowers after the first time. I will try again this year. Love this puzzle. Thank you. DIANE FROM N.J.


Well, everyone, what you don't see in the third plant on the 3-tiered planter on the right. That's because it died. It was another African violet, and it died because I watered it too much. I'm sorry, little plant!

I appreciate all of your comments...Pat, Jacques, Maria, Rosie, Jan, Florrie ( sweet). Mimi (I have had it for about 4 years) and Nicky.

Nicky...your cat threw up on it and it died? Oh my...I am sorry, but that made me chuckle. That must have been pretty potent stuff!


Your plants look so healthy, LJ. The blooms look so vibrant too. I had a Christmas cactus which flowered well for years, then my cat threw up in it and it died! Other cats were responsible for eating and causing the death of my spider plants which I'd had for years, and yet other cats were responsible for eating my pot pourri which was made up of a leaf or petal from the garden in my old house, and from every bouquet I'd ever been given. Oh well!


How long have you had this one? It is so big and beautiful. Maybe I overwater mine, Ank warned me but I get scared it's too dry! Maybe next year it will bloom if I make it suffer like Ank told me too!


Absolutely gorgeous plant. You have made magic with this group of cactus photos, Laura. Thanks!!


Lovely. I like the way you have your plants placed.


So beautiful, mine is blooming too!


how beautiful Laura


So pretty .... reminds me of my mother she always had a christmas cactus..


Well, Suzy, it appears that only the bottom half of mine is blooming. The other half had better get with the program! :o)


The cactus of Thanksgiving. Mine is in bloom as well.


Thanks, Dave. I pulled it out of its spot in the corner to take the photo. It seems to be happy there and is blooming, even after I transplanted it to a bigger pot a few months ago.


My wife has one she's had fo years, its redder than this one. You've made a nice little corner by the window, Laura!


I guess they can bloom at any time, Marmar. Was yours this color?

So glad you like it, Grandmalucy, Snooker and Lorna! Great to see you gals.

Brie, we didn't get anything more than gale force winds yesterday. Some trees down around town, and maybe some roofs in need of repair, but nothing bad. Thanks for asking! Oh, thanks for getting the PG Tips. I will pass on the Bird's and Cadbury's. I can't do sugar much these days. I'm not diabetic, but it can whack me out.

Sorry you have trouble with plants, Graci :-( But thanks for commenting!

I forgot what the other one was, Morris. Shoot.

SunnyBarb, I think a common problem is overwatering, not underwatering. They don;t like perpetually wet feet.

You are right, Fodus.

Lyndee! I love your sweet little avatar! How cute!

I haven't seen this in white and red, Flowerchild. I bet it's pretty!


Your plant and your pictures are wonderful !!!

I love these cactus. Sometimes they come in at work called holiday cactus, Thanksgiving cactus and Christmas cactus. They are also very pretty in white and red color.


Looks like you have a nice corner for your plants Laura.


Yes, most Christmas cactus' are this color.


You are doing great with this plant, laurajane :) I tried to grow it several times but after a year or two it slowly withers and dies.... :(


There are a lot of blossoms and buds on that plant! The violet also looks healhty! Don;t know what the other one is. You have a witt with plants, Laura!


Beautiful Laura!! I wish I could have one of them! I gave up, they don't like me!


Beautiful - I love them when they are that colour!
I'm glad to see you are safe. Was it really bad around Litchfield? Have you been out on call to help all those poor people who were struck by the tornadoes? We had coverage on the news here - it looked pretty grim.
BTW - I have the PG Tips - is there anything else you would like? Birds Custard Powder? Cadbury's chocolate?


Lovely healthy plant and I like the plant stands you have all your plants on too!

lovely and so many more buds!


It is so pretty when it blooms.


It's lovely Laurajane.
Mine bloomed for Halloween again this yr.
Thanks for sharing.
mary l.