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Concord Grape Vine

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We've had this vine for several years but it never grew over about 1 foot tall. This year, after good rains & increased feedings, it is really going well. Maybe we will finally have some GRAPES!


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Oh my Clive, I hope your grapes do grow! We've had some snails &/or slugs too, but our biggest garden pests are deer & birds! We built a nice tall wall around our produce garden, but the birds still got most of our strawberries & raspberries, AND the blasted deer figured out they can jump the fence! So now we're extending the fence upward with chicken wire. Hopefully that will finally deer-proof our garden so we can finally enjoy some of our produce! I did have fun taking pics of the deer with their little purple lips from munching on our decorative plumbs, LOL!


Hi Gina do not know how I missed this puzzle but hear I am, my grape vine looked exactly like yours last year and never had any grapes, but this year it has gone mad although the snails have been enjoying their selves eating the leaves I now go out every morning to remove the snails and yes we have two bunches of grapes forming so exciting.
My grape is a black grape called Vitis Vinifera the stock cost me £5:00 many years ago. ($6:50)
Will take a picture for you if the grapes grow. LOL!!!


Hi Calibound, so good to hear from you Dear! We had a Concord grape vine in one of the first houses I can remember, in San Diego county. I think they are the most delicious of all grapes, & I sure hope we will finally get some grapes from this vine this year. Iris, you are so right! We're especially waiting on the sun flowers & these grapes, as neither will bear til late Summer or Fall sometime. Grapity smiles & Sunny ((((HUGS)))) to You Both! :) Gina


Nice picture! Oh the waiting a gardener has to do! Grins!☺


I grew Concord grapes when I lived in California. They were wonderful, my mom made grape jelly with them. Thank you for sharing

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