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On my way home/ 01/30/2013

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Celeste thanks for the prayers....and thanks for the comment on the picture....


Awesome capture of the clouds Pkin,
Prayers with your grandson for a fast and healthy recovery
:) smiles


Thanks gnt1041 he is a young one and they bounce back fast...
Katie It is when he gets home .... This is the son that just got the big D and never mind... Could go on and on....


Hope all goeswell with the little guy and good pic pkin


Hi Pat, it sounds like your grandson is starting down a tough road. He'll get really good care at Children's. I hope he can be up and around in fine form by summer. Hugs to you and your family!


Fran I'm sure he will. Talked to my son he is doing better today. I just sent him a bouquet of balloons. They are to be delivered early this afternoon. I'm going to see him this evening. Thanks Hugs.


Poor little trooper. I assume he'll have physiotherapy afterwards.


Thanks Ardy He will be in a cast for 6 to 8 weeks at least...


Thanks, Pat, for the information on perthes. I hadn't heard of it before. Sounds like a long recovery period is ahead for the family. The advances in medical science are amazing. I hope he'll continue to do well. I'll add him to my prayer list. Hugs.


Ardy it is trying to snow here this morning.. it is 27 degrees now... far from 60 the other day... still have strong winds...
This is why the surgery
Perthes is a condition in children characterized by a temporary loss of blood supply to the hip. Without an adequate blood supply, the rounded head of the femur (the " ball " of the " ball and socket " joint of the hip) dies. The area becomes intensely inflamed and irritated.
Although the term 'disease' is still used, Perthes is really a complex process of stages. Treatment of Perthes may require periods of immobilization or limitations on usual activities. The long-term prognosis is good in most cases. After 18 months to 2 years of treatment, most children return to normal activities without major limitations.
Perthes disease usually is seen in children between 4 years and 10 years of age. It is five times more common in boys than in girls. It was originally described nearly a century ago as a peculiar form of childhood arthritis of the hips.


My skies started looking more like this about 11:30 yesterday morning but the rain didn't get here until after 7 p.m. Winds have been and are strong. We have a lot of flooding and trees down which is complicating the morning commute. Temperatures are dropping now into the 50's and heading for the 40's as the day progresses. Maybe light snow tomorrow.

Hope you gson gets along all right We had a student several years ago who had a leg lengthened. He was on crutches most of the school year. He would have been about 12 at the time.


Thanks Patti you are so kind...hugs..
Good morning Ank doesn't look good here either... Rain wind and more rain.... Have a get day luv ya ..hugs


Good morning Sissy. A beautiful photo, it could be taken here. Our sky is just like this.
It's a bit stormy here, at sea it's worse. The water is very high. There is additional monitoring of the dykes. I trust it will be OK. Today is a day to stay inside, just short doggie walks. The wind togeher with the rain is not comfortable.
Have a beautiful day.


Very nice! Thanks, Pat!


Thanks Jacques sweetie...


nice shot sweetie!


Warbler we found out about this when he was 2yrs old .. The Drs waited until now before they could do anything.... He just couldn't run and play like most kids.. His hip would hurt if he got too much exercise.. So as he got older he knew his limits... Thanks for the comment....and the wish...


Wow on the surgery. Wishing him Well!!


Yes I did ... I just could believe the front coming thru. When I left the office it was like layered dark .. med dark .. light... but just couldn't capture it... Had to go to the post office and mail all the taxes out ... one good thing it didn't cost me that much ... My g-son had surgery today.. he is the 13 yr old.. he has perthes disease.. they went in a cleaned the hip socket and smothed the bone then they are lengthen the leg bone by 2 inches. He will be in the hospital until Fri or Sat.. I think when he stops growing then they will put an artifical hip in for him... but he is doing good... he is at Childrens...


Nice clouds. I hope you beat the rain home! While you were posting this I was outside moving a dead squirrel off my back patio. Yuck! I didn't want it to freeze and get stuck to the surface. I did use a pitchfork so I didn't get close to it at all, but it was still pretty awful.


It sure is. This is what I seen all the way home.. and I drive 35 miles home.. nice to see you Toto..By the way where is Dorothy???


Storm coming in?