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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Tea house, Vondelpark


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That's nice, so he has two mothers, always easy. I agree I think they were fooling you.


I think it was just them playing a joke on their mother. My daughter is 15 years older than my youngest son and protects him like a mother.


I hope Michael will find some better girl, but I say this wrong, a lot of that girls never wanted to do that work, they did not know that he boy they fell in love with, was a wrong boy. Some girls want the job, a lot of girls not.


No the older ones are in their 30's now. They sent me a picture two years ago with a girl in one of the 'windows' and the caption was. 'Ein Mädchen für Michael'.


I have to laugh, thanks. Just want to say Kids! But I don't think they are kids anymore. :-)))))))))) I posted the red light too:


Yes, Ank, that's exactly the kind of coffee shop I mean. My daughter and son in law love to frequent and a couple of years ago took along my youngest son, 19 at the time to sample the goods. They also sent me pictures of walking him through the 'red light' district and were saying that they were looking for
'ein Mädchen' for him. I told them to stick to the 'coffee shops'.


Thanks Edie, I think I know what you mean. I posted one in this Amsterdam series, this is the link:


This is quite the tea house. I'll ask my kids if they've been there. They love Amsterdam and especially like some of the 'speciality' cafes. I'm sure you know the ones I mean Ank. Thanks for sharing.


Tea? I never drink tea, but of course I can try one. Let's party.


It's a beautiful Tea House! Never seen one quite this big before, yes, I think I would love to join you too Ank, looks like we could all have a really nice time here! LET'S PARTY!!! Oh, and drink lots of tea too of course!


I'm sure we can, Aww how nice would that be.


Looks like a great tea house!! Thanks Ank. I think you could fill that upper balcony with jigidi friends!!


Thanks Shirley Sissy Sandy and Hanne. It's a round teahouse in a beautiful park. Let's go there with us all.


WOW this looks GREAT!! Should we visit the place?? Thanks so very much Ank!!


I thought it was a tour boat or something like that. Thanks Ank.


Beautiful thanks Sis


Now that looks like a lovely relaxing place to be, Thanks Ank.


Thanks Patti, I agree it looks nice. Denise he is a bear of a man, look at his page, there are a few photos.


Great picture! Thanks, Ank!


Sorry treker I wasnt aware that you were a male:-)


Hi friends, are the boys welcome too? I think Treker likes to enjoy us. Treker I'm glad you like the calendar too. Thanks Mary Treker Denise Lorna and Jana.


I agree with Denise :-))))) thank you very much Ank :-))))


Looks a good place for a morning coffee.


Lets make a date with the girls for lunch. Delightful photo Ank, thank you so much. Hugs


Great set,... especially the Birthday wishes!


Very interesting place Ank,thanks.