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Macy 2

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I think she's happy. She's definitely a sweetie.


Lady and the Tramp only with dogs instead of a baby. Macy was the only dog, a house dog and mild mannered. Too bad she can't keep her status and let the hypers have the only choices of a yard or a cage. She looks so innocent!


Macy is one of three dogs in their family who spends days outside and nights inside via a doggie door to a very large kennel. Every once in a while she get free roam of the house, but the other two dogs are extremely hyper when that happens. Soooo... her nails may be her best defense with her mates who might otherwise interrupt her efforts of peace. Macy is very mild-mannered and lovable. For years, she was the "only" dog and a house dog, and then suddenly, pow, pow, two more hyper things show up, and outside she goes with the others. But she loves having her two mates around. They all get their nails trimmed at the annual vet visit.

I think Macy is in need of a "pawicure"; those nails are pretty long. If Macy is anything like our pup, clipping the nails is an ordeal ??