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Comforts of Home!!!!

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I wonder if kids still do that sort of thing. Nowadays they seem to only stay inside & play with their electronics..............


Thanks for the memories. We to had a "fort" that we hauled things to.


Ahh, memories--- When I was a kid someone on our street threw out an old beat up easy chair. Back then--early 1940s(WW11)--you threw nothing away until it was totally beyond any kind of use. But of course, we kids couldn't let such a magnificent treasure go to the dump so we carried it, pushed it, pulled it--all with great difficulty--to our hide-away under a huge camphor tree in my back yard where we all hung out. It, too, was pretty well surrounded by bushes which gave us kids some privacy from the prying eyes & ears of the dreaded 'grown-ups'. We had been using an old running board for seats so this was an unimaginable luxury for us. We even made a chart for who had sat in it last & whose turn it was next(this didn't always work, though! lol) After awhile, of course, wear & tear from us, time, the elements, bugs, &--we suspected,rodents--finally took its toll & we had to haul it back out to the street. We almost had a funeral for it but decided we would each mourn in our own way. How we loved and missed that raggedy old tweed chair........