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Buttoned up Origami! (KaleidoBOARDS)

45 pieces
90 solves
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Sissel - thank YOU. I appreciate your comments! :)


Very beautiful Jan - love the bright colours - thanks for sharing :-)


Thank YOU, Pat!


Gorgeous ... makes a fun puzzle .. thanks Jan


Hanne, the picture you create in my mind with your wonderful description, is amazing! Thank you!

Edie - I have been thinking about switching to 4 kaleidos instead of the 9 for that very reason. Showing more detail may be fun. I've done quite a few puzzles like that already. I am so very glad you like these!

PJ - Thank you so very much!

Rosie - Sowwy. Hubby planned it. I'm just going along for the ride. ROFL!!
I am so happy that you like these boards so much! Thank you!

Mandy - Buttons ALWAYS make fun puzzles. I'm glad you like them, too! Thanks!


Oh these are truly outstanding Jan - thanks so much. I love all the details and specially the buttons!!


Love the amount of detail and intricate threading aspect of these puzzles. And together they make a most spectacular Jiggyboard. Thank you and stop making us all jealous or you will have to take all of us with you and that might be awkward. Rosie


Jan - love it. The colors are great and the patterns are just wonderful.


I just read the title so now I know that there are buttons in these boards and that I'm not seeing things. The boards are even more spectacular than the squares because they show so much detail. Very beautiful. Thank you Jan


All those details!! I loose myself in them, bathe in them, enjoy them from the inside, outside - every side!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


Katie - I have no flowers anywhere near. I can see a small forsythia and 3 pink trees WAY off in the distance. I feel your pain. So, we must ALL post bright and cheerful puzzles to perk ourselves up!! Thanks so much!

Hester - We got the cold, we got the grey, we got the dismal! But, not intending any rubbing it in, we got only 4 more days to palm trees and beaches and heat. YAY!! :D))


Thanks for brightening my afternoon, Jan! It is bitterly cold and dismally grey here. Grr!


Outstanding Boards Jan! So glad to have spring flowers here since there are none outside my windows yet - thanks!


Thanks so much, FJohn! Glad you liked it!

JC - It is brighter than what I see outside! That's for sure!

Ardy - I am so glad you described all of these. Now I can see the Spring elements. They are much needed today! Thank you, my friend!!


Just love it.


Pretty spring puzzle, Jan!


Bright forsythia in the center. Violets to the right. Froggy in the far right. Cherry blossoms in the far left and daffodils next. Lovely spring collection. Thanks, Jan.


Good board jiggy jb:))