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First iMac Grid Mosaic (Smaller)

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Thanks, zz--I'll try that when I get on that computer later! :-)))


Pat, I FINALLY found the solution-
18/19 seconds into this video- turn off the music and just look from 18 to 23 seconds. It's stupid that one really does have to click on "Canvas Size" to crop though.


I did try that on my own before, because that's what the crop tool looks like on Paint, but the word "crop" under Edit doesn't get darker even after I use that dotted rectangle, so it doesn't respond to clicking...... But I will try again--thanks so much for all the searching! :-)))


oopsie- after using the rectangular select tool, go to "Edit" at the top of the page. That should be where "copy" and/or "crop" should be.


Pat, you want to do a very simple crop then. I just looked again on Google and see that the answer in the first links is flat out wrong! They are talking about resizing and/or just plain sizing, not cropping. But I found a pic of your Paintbrush program. I see that there's a rectangular select on the left hand side of the page. I would imagine that all you would have to do is select the area you want (just like in MSPaint), and then select "copy," and then "save as."


Looks like the glue here is stronger as well. I haven't seen any missing pieces. Must be he couldn't pry them loose. Thanks Pat


As far as cropping goes, all I want to do is get the image away from all the extraneous canvas. Whatever I tried, it simply moved it around the blank background, instead of just leaving the image and removing that extra background. Is that a simple crop or not? If it is, then that's what I need! LOL! Thanks, zz.

Thanks so much, Mimi and Rosie! The extra thickness of the iMac lines is what made those bits appear, so that's a good point for Paintbrush. :-)))


I like this mosaic with all of the little extra bits along the border. Makes it a little cuter I think.


Wow, very good my dear! :))


Pat, I just did a search on Google for cropping in Paint Brush but all that's offered as an answer that I could see was a very simple crop, not a selective crop (where it's only a section of the image). But do a search and you should be able to find a solution. My guess is that you might have to end up moving your image to another program that allows for more selective cropping.


Thanks so much, Gogie, Barb, Katie, and Aishah! Fortunately, thanks to LunaPic, once I manage to create something with Paintbrush I can crop it (still haven't figured out how to do that on Paintbrush itself) and then do all my usual loony things, likes mosaics and flies and pixels and Warhol and so on, so that helps me a lot! :-)))


First a grid. Now a mosaic. I am in heaven!


Ditto what Barb said! Thanks Pat! :>)


I enjoyed this too, Pat, although I was a little slow (3:57). Thanks for a somewhat challenging but definitely fun mosaic. :-))

Enjoyed! Thanks! Gogie