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Oh my goodness, would you just look at this poor, poor kitty! He's absolutely begging this person to take him home with him! He looks so very scared and lonely, and soooo hungry, my heart is breaking over this poor little guy! People that abandon animals aught to have the same thing done to them, at the very least!!! If it were up to me their punishment would be much more severe! When I see pics like this of abandoned animals my heart just absolutely bleeds from it and it makes my stomach feel so sick! If I had the space and the money I would take them ALL in and give them so much love and attention they would forget they were ever abandoned in the first place! I know this is a very sad post, but I just had to share it with all of you, because I know you all feel the same way that I do about abandoned animals!


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Ann- Again 'sniff, sniff' that's exactly how I feel, my heart bleeds for all of the tiny innocent animals of God that are being mistreated all over the world in this way and I feel sooooooo helpless! I wish that God would punish these terrible people for their horrid actions since we can't! It makes me want to go out and search for others like this little one and bring them all home with me and make them all better and give them everything they need to make them feel safe and well-loved! Oh course, Gary would never allow that, but ohhhhhhh if I only could I would do it in a heartbeat! Thanks so much Ann for being who you are, a sweet, loving, caring person that I know you to be!... May God bless and hold you safely in his loving arms my good friend!...Hugs

Rob- Hello there Rob! I don't blame you at all for not being able to put this puzzle together as many others were not able to either, which I understand completely as it is a very heart-wrenching photo to be sure! I am however very happy that you too decided to add your comment, I'm really glad that you too, have a rescue cat! Another success story as far as I'm concerned, thanks so much for joining us in being one of the good guys! I am very proud to call you my friend!...Hugs and more hugs to you my dear!


I can't do the puzzle Monica - it makes me shiver!!
I'm just so pleased we have a rescue cat - one less innocent cat suffering in the world.


Monica, after reading all the comments, through my tears too, I take back my apology for my soap-box preaching I did on your other puzzle, which I saw before this one. The one with the kid with a chokehold on the cat. This is truly a 'pierce your heart' photo and so hard to look at. Poor starving, in pain, vermin-infested, afraid little defenseless innocent---who never did harm to a soul and STILL, after all he has suffered, wants to be loved and cared for--- & to trust & love in return.
Thanks, Monica, for bringing this out...............


Adrianna- You and me both sweety! I was sooooo very relieved to hear that they took him in and gave him a well-deserved home with lots of love! Thank God there's still good people out there!

Smllpkg101- 'Sniff, sniff' oh my gosh now you've got me crying again, I too am so happy that they did this for him! I'm very glad that these stories touched you in this way, it shows that you are also a very good person with a good heart! Thanks for commenting on this sad, sad pic! Have a wonderful day/evening my friend!

Gnt1041- Well gosh Gene, nothing to be sorry about, you just feel the same way as the rest of us! That's a good thing my friend, so grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away all you want because we're all right beside you doing the very same! I feel so much rage inside me over what people do to these poor, poor animals, that sometimes I feel as if I will explode over it! Gosh forbid if my rage over this was ever unleashed, look out bad people! You have a wonderful day/evening my good hearted friend!...Hugs


I just finished reading the comments and most say it is very touching how people feel and that along with this posting reaches out to a person and stirs ones heart over these animals that are being thrown away and that rages me over the people that are doing it grrrrrrrrrrrrr sorry Monica but thats just me .......thanks for the sad photo


It's hard to type through the tears. This is the saddest picture I've seen in a long time. I'm happy this little guy was rescued and given the love and care all God's creatures deserve. I am touched by all your stories about the animals you've rescued and let into your hearts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now I have to blow my nose!


I was so happy to0 red the comment of jojosmom*

The good news is that this little baby was saved by these people.
Thank God for that.


A comment from myself to all who have commented on this pic!
Thank you all for being such caring, loving people, you all have huge hearts and I am very proud to have met you!... May God Bless you all


RockysRider- Well hello there, we must have crossed while I was still answering the other comments, sorry about that, I don't blame you one bit for not being able to put this puzzle together as it is quite heart-wrenching! I'm so happy though that you feel the same way as we do, it shows that you have a kind heart too and love all animals with no qualms about it! Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

Rosewood11- You are a wonderful person with a wonderful heart and so is your girlfriend for doing her part in helping animals! Your brother and his wife are truly the best for taking in Gabby the way they did, make sure to give Gabby a hug and a kiss from me! I pray that enough votes come thru for this shelter, and I for one will be giving my vote also! Thanks for being who you are and for your comment on this poor kitty!

Pinknblack- You are such a good person Pink and I'm so happy and lucky to call you my friend! Thank you so much for being who you are, I couldn't ask for a better friend!...More hugs to you too!


Peggysuss- Thanks so much for commenting on this very sad, sad pic! I'm so happy that you agree with me about abandoned animals, after hearing Pinknblacks story I too, felt the same need to go and find my babies and give them hugs and kisses!

Pinknblack- You have no reason to apologize for your very heart breaking story of your sweet Roofette, I'm so very happy that you wanted to tell us about her! I too, cried through all of it, and there are still tears running down my cheecks now as I write this to you! I'm so sad that she didn't survive her delivery of her single baby, that just absolutely breaks my heart! After everything that she went through and all that you did for her, and for her to finally learn to trust in you, I was hoping for a happy ending for her! I am very happy that her baby survived, was it a boy or a girl and what did you name it? I know it sounds a bit harsh but I completely stand by what I said before, people that hurt animals in this way should be punished severely! I for one would be standing in line to help dole it out to them! It makes me sooooo very angry that some people can't treat their pets in a loving, caring way! I love animals so much that in my mind, and I know I probably shouldn't say it out loud but I just have to, in my mind, people who do things like this to animals should be taken behind a barn and shot! There, I said it, I know that seems a bit extreme but that's how I truly feel! I sure hope that doesn't make me sound like a bad person! Thanks once again for your very touching story of Roofette, it shows me that you are an amazing person with a good heart and an animal lover after my own heart!...Hugs and kisses to you my good friend!...And may God Bless You!

Jojosmom417- Thank you very much for your sweet comment, I hadn't realized that this pic had been out before this, but I'm still glad that I posted it! Because now I know that this poor kitten was taken in by these people who took this pic and given a home and the love that it so desperately needed! Thanks so much for letting me know this as it did my heart good to hear it!

Gemstone- Thanks so very much for your comment on this pic! I completely agree with you, 'were it not so'! It's so wonderful to know that we have good people here on jigidi!!!

English101- You and your husband are good people, it's great to know that there are other people out there like myself who would do anything to help out a homeless animal! Thanks for that!

Emerger- You are so very welcome my friend! It is one of the saddest pics I have ever seen too, that's why I felt I had to post it for others to see! There is so much cruelty towards animals out there and it just breaks my heart! Why can't all people feel the same way as we do towards these helpless animals! I too, fear that this image will haunt me for a very long time to come! Maybe if more people saw images like this one, it would be a start in the right direction to stop this kind of horrid treatment to our fuzzy little friends!

Sarah464- You are soooooo right Sarah! If more people would just do this, than I feel it would make a tremendous difference! Your a good person to bring in so many animals and give them all a wonderful home and to make them feel safe and well-loved! Thanks so much for being who you are!


Currently we have two cats and three dogs. Both the cats came with serious wounds and had been abandoned out in our country neighborhood. (They showed up about a year apart) Neither could be caught to take to the vet. Our good hearted vet gave me some liquid antibiotics to put out in some cat food and both have recovered to become huge, healthy cats. They are outside and great mousers. The truth is, I don't even like cats, but I won't let anything suffer. They don't know I don't like them.
Every dog I have ever had, I immediately have had fixed. Even the precious cuties who would make wonderful parents. There are way too many unwanted pets in the world, I won't be responsible for adding to the number. Instead when it is time for a new pet, they find me or I go looking in the unwanted section of the pound. We have never had too many or too few pets.
I think it is heartwarming that so many of my good friends on Jigidi all love animals.
Monica, you have attracted some Jigidi's greatest to this puzzle, even if most of us couldn't bring ourselves to work the puzzles. Thanks and more hugs,


This is an add-on to the post I just left. I am so sorry about Roofette. We to have a "found" animal in our home. Relatives of my brother's ex thought they saw a ball along the road and stopped to get it. It turned out to be a labrador puppy, and my brother and his wife took her in (after her father offered to drown it). Today, Gabby is 11 years old, and although she is fiercely protective of my brother, she's really a push-over. We just had her to the vet last week, and she was pronounced in excellent health. We used to have another "cast off" who was a miniature schnauzer named Barney. He died at the age of 12, and it broke my heart. I don't understand how anyone can be mean to an animal.


I couldn't even tell this poor animal was a cat!!! Poor thing. It reminded me of a message that a girlfriend of mine sent me the other day, and I thought I'd share it with you. If you feel so led, please consider helping out this shelter by clicking on the link.

I need your urgent help. One of the animal charities I support is SO close to nudging into first place in the Shelter Challenge ... just a few more votes would clinch the top spot for them.

Can I count on you to click on the link below, enter the shelter name BLIND CAT RESCUE (state is NC) and vote for these precious blind fur babies? Please? Your vote could be the one that helps BCR earn the funding they so dearly need to help these cats.

Thank you for your time, and your compassion!



I agree 10000000 times with the comments. I cannot work the puzzle, either ... my eyes could not focus due to tears. I, too, would take in so many strays, our place would be considered a shelter. But money and no time are the culprits. Many cheers to those who rescue these helpless animals and find or give them a loving home


(my mother's work)


This is so sad.
Almost all of the animals in my house were homeless or born once we brought their mother into the house. We fix them all and give them all the love in the world. One of our younger animals, an orange cat we have nemed Micah, is an example. Many people dump their animals in the woods behind her work. People she works with go out and feed them cats that hang around. After a litter of kittens were thrown back there, some of the workers tried to catch them. They ended up bringing Micah to my mother, who could not say no. He has been with us for a couple years, and is still very timid, but is much more comfortable with those who live here. One of the rescues I brought home, Kitten, helped him come out of his shell. These animals need a home, and even giving that to just one or two animals can make a differnce :)


That is one of the saddest and most heat-wrenching pictures I have ever seen! It is so difficult to view, I can't bring myself to solve the puzzle. Nevertheless, I thank you for posting it, because of the important message it brings. We all need to face the truth at times in our lives, but I fear the image will haunt me for a long time to come.

And, Pinknblack, thank you for sharing your story with us. You sound like a person after my own heart.


I can barely look at this puzzle without crying, and pinknblack, you tore me up with your story. I read it to my husband and made him PROMISE to rescue any animal like this!! It wasn't a hard promise to get from him, he already agreed with me. We have a full house already, but never too full for a Roofette or Fuzzball as pictured above. Thanks for sharing these stories!


This picture always upsets me but I carry the hope that whoever took the picture also took the kitty home. Your story, pinknblack, made me cry also, because while you gave Roofette so much the story has a very sad ending. You are so right that these wee innocent ones live cruel lives and suffer painful deaths when abandoned. Were it not so! Blessings on you for your loving heart.


The good news is that this little baby was saved by these people.


Such a sad photo. I have seen it before with the caption "I will love you forever, just take me please." It so affected me that I use it on my Facebook page so that others may see it.


Pinknblack, you made me cry & then went & petted my babies. God bless you.


This looks just like my cat Roof/Roofette. We found it abandoned in a blackberry patch. My two kids and I tackled the thorney vines to rescue and bring it home. I bet I picked off over 5 dozen fleas with tweezers, bathed and medicated the poor decimated little guy. It never got very big and found its way to the roof where it lived for almost two years. I went up a ladder every day to feed it and once in a while give it a pet or two if it would get close enough.
Once day I went up the ladder and Roof, as we called him was so glad to see me, rubbed me and was so happy. I was so happy for him to finally let me give him the loves he so deserved. About two weeks later, Roof found his way off the roof and I picked him up and was amazed at the weight he had put on. Found out Roof was Roofette and was with kitten.
Shortly thereafter, Roofette gave birth to a single kitten, and gave her life in the delivery. Roofette never recovered from its early starvation and infestation from the fleas.
People who abandon their animals don't know what a cruel death these animals suffer. Roofette was offered a normal life but could never live it out of fear and frail health.
We had another cat that cared for Roofette's kitten and we took such love and care of that baby in memory of her sweet, little mother who was never given that love soon enough to thrive in the world.
Sorry for such a long story, but I needed to vent after all these years. I can't work the puzzle, but your kind thoughts say much for the kind of big-hearted and caring person you are. Hugs and more hugs, dear friend.


OMG ! Your absolutly right.